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Kate Middleton

Post-Baby Bump, Set ...


10/18/2013 7:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1018-kate-middleton-rexusaKate Middleton allegedly had a baby 3 months ago -- but there is zero proof of that in these pics of the Duchess of Cambridge flashing her royal midriff all over a volleyball court.

Prince William's wife showed up for a public appearance in London yesterday, sporting wedge heels, and a banging bod that made everyone forget she was ever pregnant.

Kate gave birth on July 22 to Prince George ... and obviously hit the gym on July 23. 

Women ... begin hating. Guys ... continue wishing you were Prince William.



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Carl Fredricksen    

Damn she's hot. I'd make her a Queen too.

336 days ago


i would nail her...

336 days ago


Oh come on TMZ, she "allegedly" had a baby three months ago? Women, start hating? Early into her pregnancy, well before they were ready to announce it she suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum and was hospitalized and announced the pregnancy to put rumors to rest, surely you remember that; you got weeks out of the stories that came from it. Hate? Explain what there is to hate? She is a lady. She does not flaunt, she does not display herself and she always conducts herself as a lady any time she is seen publicly. She's one of those fortunate women whose abdomens can bounce back tight as a drum. There aren't a lot of women who are so fortunate and I for one am so happy for her. Nothing I can find to hate. She's a fine example of what a lady should be.

336 days ago


She looks great! Good for her! :)

336 days ago


Grrr, I had to comment twice and neither appears on the page. But I bet you they'll both be on there and I just can't see it lol

336 days ago


Tbh, she probably didn't have to hit the gym at all. It all depends on what the normal baseline weight is for her body. So, it's mostly in your genes, and also your long term stable weight depending on your natural diet/lifestyle (I'm talking, what you weigh in the long term without dieting or exercising to lose weight). So it makes no sense to be proud or disappointed by weight loss or gain, it mostly depends on what your body wants to do and any variation from that is usually very hard to achieve.

336 days ago

tmz addict    

lmfao hideous

336 days ago


You guys are ignorant...she has had 3 months to get into shape. This was her first child and if you eat right during the pregnancy and afterward you can lose all the baby weight and get your shape probably within 2 months.

336 days ago


Oh; to be blessed with wonderful genes and a great metabolism!

336 days ago

deborah amato    

Harry, If you were a woman I would say you were jealous. She probably worked her ass off to get her tummy back and as a woman I know your bosom gets bigger after childbirth and your shirt gets a bit shorter it was not an intentional show she is probably still self conscious about it. Grow up!

336 days ago


Kate is a thoroughbred and Kim is a jackass. It's as simple as that.

336 days ago

L. Rosemond Kitching    

Cue Kim Kardashian's "Ugly Crying Face" in 3... 2... 1... GO!

336 days ago


Kate is not taking photos of her ads and trying to be all dramatic about it like Kim is. I mean all of her boyfriend's toxic narcissistic behavior finally got into Kim's ass. Love Kate she is a good rode model no matter if she is a royal or not . We need her to clean all the trash Americans consider "stars" Kim & boyfriend

336 days ago


she is so much sexier than those moose ass girlfriends of those rappers.

336 days ago

Ratings Needed    

Kate Middleton has class & had it before marrying Prince William. That's something Kim K & Kanye will never have as it's been said $$$ doesn't buy you class your still trash.

336 days ago
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