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Dr. Conrad Murray


10/21/2013 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looking for a job as a celebrity publicist?? Good news, Conrad Murray is looking to hire ... and with only 1 week left 'til he's out of jail , he wants to move fast ... TMZ has learned. 

Multiple sources tell us ... Murray -- with the help of his GF Nicole Alvarez -- has been contacting publicists around town, hoping he can find someone who can help change his image and even book him gigs in Hollywood.

The game plan is obvious -- we've learned network TV shows are falling over each other to book Murray for the first post-jail interview, and a lot of money is being offered.  And we're told he's been writing a book as well.  Based on what we know a reality show is not out of the question.

It's unclear what the PR job would pay -- or how Murray will pay -- considering he's dead broke.

Then again, maybe he's trying to get his singing career off the ground ...


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370 days ago


And if you want someone to kill you, he can do that too!

370 days ago

West Coast Baby    

I have been looking for a job since I got fired from being Paula Deens publicist

370 days ago

miss b    

Well,good for you Dr.'ve served your time.

Don't let these Jackson fanatics ruin your & your kids lives,stand tall you deserve it.

Good luck
Miss B.

370 days ago

mj fan forever    

This is ALL due to greedy unnatural mother Katherine who dropped the restitution request to get murderer's testimony in HER and her family of parasites hunt for money trial!!!! And now even plans to ask for a new trial and of course she couldn't care less if this disgusting murderer tries to make money by exploiting Michael Jackson's name!!! Even if so far NO publisher was interested in ANY book by a murderer mentally disturbed with no doubt he'll try to make money in any way!!! Hope the DA will monitor him as they said, they did a commendable job by getting him convicted, he will forever be marked as a murderer which he is, but his sentence was so ridiculous as well as his serving only 2 years, he deserved the death penalty and left to rot in jail before he will finally rot in hell where the murderer belongs!!!!

370 days ago


This article shows exactly what is wrong with the media landscape and America today.

Here we have a guy who killed another, was convicted and went to prison. There we have 3 children who lost their father and are still struggling to go on with their lives.
In addition we have the ruthless media, who would do anything for a good quota, ignoring the impact and trauma it would create on MJ's children, having to watch the media fighting over the man who killed their dad.

I thought that Paris' suicide attempt would be a wake-up call for the media in dealing with children, especially under such cir***stances. But I was obviously wrong. It is beyond me how people can be so heartless and give this guy even a second of media presence.
May the children get all the support they need and let's hope that at least some media people realise what they are doing and refuse to give Murray any more attention than he's already gotten.

Besides, isn't there a law that keeps felons from benefiting from their crime, is there?

370 days ago


ROTFLMAO, hoping someone can change Murray's image? That's impossible. He's known and always will be known until he dies as the person who killed Michael Jackson and as an incompetent doctor. If he writes a book, interviews on t.v. or has a reality show, he will be boycotted by MJ fans from around the world.

Let's see if he tries to sue AEG Live for the salary he wasn't paid. Katherine Jackson sure made Murray's life a lot easier.

370 days ago


Murray does not need a celebrity publicist because he is no celebrity and never will be. Period.
For his stupidity and arrogance he deserves to get another prison sentence - this time for life.

370 days ago

Hannah H.    


TMZ, OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The GAME is not over yet!

370 days ago


CHANGE HIS IMAGE!!!!???.......Well they better get their hands on that memory eraser thing from Men in Black and zap the entire world lolololololol SERIOUSLY Conrad and his girlfriend are the worst pieces of sh*t I've heard of in a long time...remember her on the stand?..she treated it as her own personal debut. SHAME ON THEM AND SHAME ON ANYONE WHO GIVES THEM MONEY AND A PLATFORM TO SPEAK GARBAGE AND LIES. >>>>BTW why in the world would you want to pay big $$$ for an interview with him when he's a PROVEN liar?? His entire story has been PROVEN BY SCIENCE and common sense to be NOT POSSIBLE. So disrespectful to Michael and his 3 kids to give the guy who killed him attention.

370 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

He did his time behind bars. He will be doing time for the rest of his life. He should return to the motherland as soon as he can before some deranged MJ fan kills him.

370 days ago


But you know that truth is linked to proof, don't you?

I have an issue with people stating their personal opinion as the truth, which clearly is not the case.

You said that Dr. Klein is the father of the kids - there is no proof for that at all. If I missed anything you are free to provide the evidence right here.

Also, in a 5 months long trial there was no evidence found that Michael Jackson ever harmed a child.
The first case from '93 was settled out of court, only, because back than, the civil trial would have taken place before the criminal trial, in which the jury must not decide whether a fact is true or not but whether it is more or less likely. And, as it is with everything concerning Michael Jackson, people like you would have loved to see him fall, before considering any facts or the possibility that people have and will continue to extort him for money.

The Arvizo case is the most obvious example to what extend people go to exploit celebrities for their own gain.
First of all, why would Michael Jackson, from all the kids visiting his home (with siblings and parents), pick out a kid suffering from cancer.
Second, the boy claimed that the molestation began after, yes after, the Bashir do***entary aired and the whole world went crazy. Yeah, right. Michael Jackson certainly thought, now people think I molested the kid, I can as well do it.He knew the family for years, nothing happened and they even praised him after the do***entary came out.

Now I have given you some proof you can read up in official do***ents and court transcripts.

Now it is your turn to provide some evidence other than gossip from all the tabloids you are reading. I am ready to listen.

370 days ago

Fred Farkel    


Cruel but funny!

Thank you

370 days ago


why are you still reporing nonsense on the charlatan

369 days ago

Just My Opinion    

Ba.. haha..your publicist. LMAO Are you kidding me? REALLY? No, lame butt, I like to be the lawyer or the judge that should have kept your incompetent azz in jail.

369 days ago
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