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Jenna Jameson


Live TV Segment Cut Short Over Bizarre Behavior

10/21/2013 5:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

102113_jenna_jameson_launchJenna Jameson was a MESS during a live TV interview this morning ... slurring and stumbling as if she was wasted on-air ... and it was so bad, sources tell TMZ that producers cut her segment short.

The 39-year-old porn legend appeared on "Good Day New York" -- promoting her first novel, "Sugar" -- and we're told she was supposed to stay for two complete segments.

But after the first couple of minutes, it was clear Jenna was out of it (at the very least) ... and producers made the decision to cut off JJ before the second segment.

Jenna has struggled with substance abuse in the past .. she pled guilty to DUI last year after crashing her car into a light pole in Orange County, CA. Officials say she had two types of prescription drugs in her system at the time of the incident.

Jenna's ex Tito Ortiz has also said Jenna is hooked on Oxycontin -- but Jenna has denied those allegations.



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Some people are just crazy.

329 days ago


And you expected what ?.....

329 days ago

jim boukis    

she looks like ****. in person i have met her and wow, total garbage sorry to be so bold.

329 days ago

Lorri G.     

Train wreck...

329 days ago


It's not drugs, its all the botox in her lips that makes her slurr

329 days ago


She was definitely flying on some concoction, but she wasn't incomprehensible or unable to speak. Her behavior wasn't bizarre either - look up the word TMZ - it doesn't apply here.

329 days ago


I've seen a lot worse .

329 days ago

ding dong    

I'd still **** her! Who cares if she slurs. But no drugs she can do the drugs after we are done!!!!!!!!11

329 days ago


My dear son was addicted to heroin for years. Her mannerisms are exactly like his were when he was stoned. "There", but not totaly "there". Much different than alcohol. A person who is drunk is not "there" at all.

329 days ago


There are a host of medical conditions that can cause speech slurring and other things that look like this. And the symptoms can appear without notice. Imagine trying to convince people that you are not stupid or drunk, but experiencing a medical episode. As a friend of others who have suffered such indignities, I can only conclude that those jumping to the harsh conclusions expressed in this comment thread have not considered the alternatives, but simply wish to express their supreme moral superiority.

329 days ago


She was loaded like every porn star or stripper. It would have been "bizzare" had she been sober!!

329 days ago


**PIOUS HYPOCRITES** thin is the air up there on the pedestals you are all sitting on? Addiction is a disease that has touched a LOT of people in the public arena, however, the vitriol you are spouting towards Jenna is vicious. I haven't seen this type of cruelty towards other famous addicts, Robert Downey Jr and Charlie Sheen, to name a few. Hell, the things Charlie Sheen does when he is using is disgusting but you still reserve all your judgement for Jenna because of her involvement in the adult sex industry. You are a bunch of hypocrites. The vast majority of you, men or women, were probably purveyors of her "body of work." You probably helped her become so famous but now you sit back being so pious! Remember the oft repeated adage, "people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."

329 days ago


she's a disgrace to the porn industry

329 days ago


Obviously she swallowed

329 days ago


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329 days ago
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