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Jenna Jameson


Live TV Segment Cut Short Over Bizarre Behavior

10/21/2013 5:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

102113_jenna_jameson_launchJenna Jameson was a MESS during a live TV interview this morning ... slurring and stumbling as if she was wasted on-air ... and it was so bad, sources tell TMZ that producers cut her segment short.

The 39-year-old porn legend appeared on "Good Day New York" -- promoting her first novel, "Sugar" -- and we're told she was supposed to stay for two complete segments.

But after the first couple of minutes, it was clear Jenna was out of it (at the very least) ... and producers made the decision to cut off JJ before the second segment.

Jenna has struggled with substance abuse in the past .. she pled guilty to DUI last year after crashing her car into a light pole in Orange County, CA. Officials say she had two types of prescription drugs in her system at the time of the incident.

Jenna's ex Tito Ortiz has also said Jenna is hooked on Oxycontin -- but Jenna has denied those allegations.



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jim boukis    

you think this was bad, you should of seen her in person a month ago, horrible

263 days ago

kim k    

God help. She is so HIGH.

263 days ago


She said once on Twitter that she had given up on drugs and started a new life with her children.. I wonder what happened to her.. She really looks like she was on something..what I do not understand is why when u know u got an interview why get high ? cant u just wait.. she is asking for trouble

263 days ago


U know Hollyweird is into cloning .. I bet that is a clone and it needs to be change..glitch..They used them all the time. Something happened to Wendy on her show where she was doing a segment and she started to slurring her speech and could not remember what she was talking about ...Soo never know.. Clearly if it not a clone.. she is acting like she is High on something.. and could not really handle it. She is feeling sorry for herself .. I hate weak as people..

263 days ago


She's 39? She looks like she's at least 20 years older. I guess being a porn star will do that to you.

263 days ago


Alcoholism and Drug Addiction are diseases. Ridiculing and judging someone because they are sick and suffering is immoral and unethical. How this woman leads her life is something she ought to deal with, not you. It seems like she needs help, not your petty, little, self-centered, catty comments. Seems like the hosts on Good Day were quite condescending. I'd like to see someone interview her without the "God Complex". She's clearly got something to say. I'd like to give her a chance to sober up and tell her story without everyone talking down to her.

263 days ago


Too many BJ's.

263 days ago


Jenna Jameson is no star,though she is a whore and spreads her legs for a living. Let's be honest here.

262 days ago


I happened to have seen this on channel 5 in NY. I was humiliated for her! She was wrecked! Was very awkward for Greg Kelly and Rosanna Scott...(the interviewers) Lasted about 3-5 minutes. It was awful!!! SIde note: No way in hell is she only 39! If so- yikes! She looks at least ten years older. And, thats all made up, hair, jewels, etc. Cant imagine what she really looks like! What a shame. Feel bad for her children.

262 days ago

Ronnie Bruno    

I am shocked by this. Jenna is the last person I would ever expect to see slurring her words on a talk show or anywhere else for that matter.

262 days ago


Jeez, what happened to her face? WAY too much plastic surgery!!!!!!!!

262 days ago


and why are these people in the 'news'?

262 days ago


We are surprised that a whore is hooked on drugs and slurring her words on TV. Gosh, her family must be so proud. What an insult to women.

262 days ago


whatta ya expect from a porn slut;
drugs; hiv

262 days ago

pinda poo poo    

Poor girl...makes me wonder what type of drug she was on and for what purpose. I hope it's nothing that will claim her life. Am glad that she is out of that repulsive business...she is created in God's image and whether she realizes this or not, she is worth more than gold to the Lord. Jesus died for her...I wonder if any other man on this earth loves her as much as He does...I hope she knows how dearly God loves her. God bless and heal her.

262 days ago
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