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Jenna Jameson


Live TV Segment Cut Short Over Bizarre Behavior

10/21/2013 5:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

102113_jenna_jameson_launchJenna Jameson was a MESS during a live TV interview this morning ... slurring and stumbling as if she was wasted on-air ... and it was so bad, sources tell TMZ that producers cut her segment short.

The 39-year-old porn legend appeared on "Good Day New York" -- promoting her first novel, "Sugar" -- and we're told she was supposed to stay for two complete segments.

But after the first couple of minutes, it was clear Jenna was out of it (at the very least) ... and producers made the decision to cut off JJ before the second segment.

Jenna has struggled with substance abuse in the past .. she pled guilty to DUI last year after crashing her car into a light pole in Orange County, CA. Officials say she had two types of prescription drugs in her system at the time of the incident.

Jenna's ex Tito Ortiz has also said Jenna is hooked on Oxycontin -- but Jenna has denied those allegations.



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It's obvious that she was under the influence bit what bids me about this whole thing is how the news anchors handled it. If they are going to bring someone on the show to discuss a book I think it should stay primarily on that subject. Anyone with empathy could clearly . That she was getting uncomfortable and yet they continued on with in compassionate questions. Honestly they aren't any different from what they think the sex industry is about. They took advantage of someone when they vulnerable and made the whole segment cheap. Lol like that woman news anchor hadn't sucked a couple d!#$s in her life. Lol ya right

265 days ago


So sad that women have to be subject to such high demands and then end up looking like sluts to get attention.

Maybe women should start having some self respect and not dressing up like $ hookers and we wouldnt be reading stories like these.

265 days ago


she was effed up on the interview and it's no surprise for someone who got effed as much as she did...did you catch that monogamous line? guess that meant she only did one on one..

265 days ago

toni hayes    

She's a marketing genius. Would anybody know or care she's peddling a 'book' if she had a two segment interview? I know I'm the most cynical person on earth, but when someone who's only commodity has been her, ummm,... her..., herself, and after all these years, have you commenting on her, who's the idiot?

264 days ago


Some of the questions from the dude...10 cents says he's whacked to more than a few of Jena's girl on girl scenes.

264 days ago


The only thing she's good at is: PENIS!!!!

264 days ago



264 days ago


It wasn't cut short at all and there was no indication that anything was wrong. The headline is a lie.

264 days ago


She didn't seem THAT bad ... a bit spaced out, Probably was taking something. With a "job" like porn star ... you'd have to be high on something to deal with it. I drove taxi for ten years and had quite a dancers in my cab. I only ran into a couple who didn't do some kind of recreational drugs to deal with the environment in the club and a bunch of horny staring men. I sure as hell wouldn't do that job.

264 days ago


That's just the way she talks. Call it a speech impediment if you want. But don't attack her because she's an actress who plays roles that include sex.

"To Do List" is a current movie about a teenager wanting to perform every possible sex act. Where is the outrage there? There is none. She is young and articulate. Total hypocricy.

264 days ago


Who gives a flying f*ck, what she was under the influence of, If I had to be talking to you ludicrous parasites I would have been unconcious. save your petty judgement s and moralities for your own actions, you *******s

264 days ago


we live in a devient society that sucked any and all life out of her, while they could, now that she is in need of some kind of friend, or at least a non judgmental attitude she gets saddled with you losers. right or wrong she lived her life, you parasites live vicariously on the pain of others. I pity you, you bottom feeders

264 days ago


Sad part is that we even care about a drugged out porn star. What a ditch witch.

264 days ago


To tell the truth I expected worse. Also, she may not currently be a user but may be suffering from what was colloquially called :burn out"...'
also when you take in how many adult stars take their lives;become incarcerated for life, etc..the fact that after going from what truly WAS the "Porn Queen of the 90's" , and now is sitting for book signings, hey..NOT really as bad as it first seems folks

264 days ago


Jenna did it her way

264 days ago
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