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Dina Lohan

The Paparazzi Caused Her

To Drive Drunk

10/23/2013 8:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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102313_dina_exit_launch_v2 Dina Lohan drove totally wasted and it's all because the paparazzi drove her to the bottle and then the steering wheel ... this according to her bizarre lawyer.

Dina and her lawyer, Mark Heller, appeared for a routine hearing in her drunk driving case, and then Heller offered up the indefensible defense.

Here's the argument ... Dina's lifestyle presents lots of challenges and stress, brought on by the barrage of photogs that follow her.  Those stresses caused Dina to down enough alcohol to register a .20 blood alcohol level as she tooled down the road.  Short story -- it's our fault, not hers.

You may remember Heller.  He was literally run out of L.A. after getting fired in the Lindsay Lohan shoplifting case. 

Heller hopes that the judge will take his argument under consideration in Dina's DWI case.

Hope springs eternal.


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342 days ago

cutie pie    

dumb... he should be seeking to plead her down and end it asap.

342 days ago

Todd Ledford    

Is she dumber than her daughter...lock her up...NO KEY...WTH!!!

342 days ago


Anyone who drives a Kia Soul is a complete moron.

342 days ago

Todd Ledford    

BTW...Mark...What a JOKE...can he spell Mark...he surely can't say it???? Just saying!!!

342 days ago


Oh please, how does this lawyer look in the mirror without laughing at himself. No excuse for drunk driving, ever.

342 days ago


Wow! typical Lohan style, not taking responsibility for one's on actions!

342 days ago


Ya OK, good luck in court with that defense.

342 days ago


DWIna should have been tested for coke, eh?

She is a crakho and should not be given any breaks!

342 days ago


Right.... And Lindsey has never done drugs. They weren't holding a bottle to her face then a weapon and told her to drive... moron.

342 days ago


These losers never take accountability for their actions, ever. The paps caused her to drink her way to a .20, which is a super drunk case in most states now. Take your medicine DUIna, you are not getting out of a drunk driving case. Just drag it on. Like mother like junkie. She's still going to end up with the same first time offender sentence but this family, god they are so full of it it's ridiculous. Blaming the paps, FFS!!!!

I for one am stunned she's reaching for wine. I really thought she was sober and really, really, really, really learned her lesson this time and was serious. No sober coach. Does Oprah know about any of this? She does now as well as her disrespecting a bar and throwing a temper tantrum, insisting they stay open until 6, and locking herself in and calling the police. She belongs in a mental ward for years. What a vile creature, the entire family. Everything is fine, eh MiLo? But lol, how fuming mad is she right now with someone having the nerve to take a picture? BUSTED Blo! I hope Oprah will can her, and what is Oprah's level of tolerance with her? Oprah deserves what she asked for.

342 days ago


she signed up for this life. now deal with it or get out of town and disappear. I hope they lock her dumb ass up. I wonder if the judge went into his office and just sat there asking himself of he just heard that correctly.

342 days ago


Funny how that survivor single mother of four had nothing to say.... not a syllable. Must be gacked on benzos and opiates.

342 days ago


DWIna looks like she has a load in her mouth, eh?

Probably to keep from laughing!

342 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Apple doesn't fall from the tree, huh? The black did it, these aren't my pants, I forgot I was wearing the necklace....the paps made me drink lots of booze and get behind the wheel.. how do you even say that to a judge and keep a straight face?

These people never take resposibilty for what they do.

342 days ago
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