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Lindsay Lohan

Don't Believe Your Eyes ...

I Was NOT Wining

10/24/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
wasn't reaching for a wine bottle in the photo that surfaced Wednesday morning ... it's an optical illusion ... that's Lindsay's story, anyway.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us, Lindsay was actually reaching for her purse and cell phone on the same counter top, and the photo angle (above) was set up to make it look like she was grabbing the wine bottle instead.

Lindsay is adamant she has NOT fallen off the wagon -- in fact, she's telling friends she's been faithfully attending multiple AA meetings per week, and has continued therapy since leaving rehab.

The photo was taken at a friend's house ... who clearly had wine while Lindsay was visiting. Sounds like a bad idea, but we're told Lindsay has overcome her desire to drink, and has no problem hanging with boozers.

In fact, as we reported, LiLo thinks she's doing so well ... she's ditched her sober coach, insisting she can handle sobriety on her own.

Where have we heard that before?


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In fact, as we reported, LiLo thinks she's doing so well ... she's ditched her sober coach, insisting she can handle sobriety on her own.

(snorts) wipes nose, now move that career, I'm Washed Up Lohan!

328 days ago


Lohas is adamant she always is until she's caught. Continues with her therapy. Moron, your court orderd forced for the next 14 months.

She was such a major d'bag she got herself 3 times a week instead of the origional once a week.

Lohan still has the same rotten temper. She will always be a no talent, pathological liar, drunk, drug addict and thief. Nothing is going to chage that fact.

328 days ago


To those who believe her and this story, let me tell you something, denial isn't just some river in Egypt. It's sad how you guys can't accept the fact that she is back to her old ways. You guys need to face the cold hard truth once in a while. You guys want to see her get better, but lets face it. It ain't gonna happen.

328 days ago


Dont all alcoholics keep their purses next to opened bottles of booze? Where else are they supposed to keep them? Next to water???????

328 days ago


Lindsay is going to partying in a club in Alantic City on Halloween. Why would a recovering alcoholic take a gig hosting a club party where everyone is going to be wasted? My friend got tickets for it there only like 30 bucks but I dont think I will be going to that one.

328 days ago


Oh, please..... Lindsay wasn't boozing in that photo. She was just stealing her friend's purse.

328 days ago


ARe we suppose to believe that the photographer was able to take this picture, but some how, NOT able to get a picture of the bottle actually in her hand? That makes no sense. I am surprisingly on Lohan's Side with this.

328 days ago

Aaron Saltzer    

If what she's saying is true, then how come she admits to being addicted to alcohol in her interview with Oprah Winfrey? Why does it look like she's reaching for the bottle of wine, if she wasn't? She's clearly looking @ the bottle of wine. It doesn't look like she was reaching for her purse. I don't think she should be hanging out with boozers. I doubt she overcame her urge to drink. People are stupid to drink around her, knowing her past.

328 days ago


Did someone say "I have an idea, let's surround her purse with wine bottles and see what happens?"

328 days ago


guzzleguzzleguzzle gackgackgack.....

328 days ago


I think maybe the reason there is no photo showing what she actually retrieved, is because it WAS her purse - no story there.

328 days ago


One only needs to get rid of a sober coach for one reason. If one truly doesn't want to drink one would find another sober coach fast.

328 days ago


She lies constantly, but you would think someone snapping a pic of her from outside a window, grabbing for a bottle, would also get the money shot of her holding the bottle.. no? Either way this won't last long.. first step is deciding 'you' can handle everything, can be around drinkers, next it will be that you 'can' have just 'one'... then you drunk on the ground or running people over in your car.

328 days ago


Look at her hand! If you were going to grab a purse your hand would not be in the position it is in . That is a bottle grabbing position. To grab the purse the hand would be reaching in a downward motion not reaching out and across the purse to the bottle behind it. Gotcha again Lindsay!

328 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

I used to be a sober coach, but I kept falling down.......
Have a great day H8turds!

328 days ago
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