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Justin Bieber

Building School in Guatemala

... Without Shirt

10/28/2013 8:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Justin Bieber ventured deep into the Guatemalan jungle to help a group of poor villagers construct a badly needed schoolhouse this weekend ... and TMZ has the pics.

After Justin performed in Guatemala City on Saturday, he joined up with Pencils of Promise -- an organization dedicated to building schools for communities in need.

JB was choppered into a remote area outside the city on Sunday ... where a makeshift construction crew was already busy putting up walls for the new school.


In a video posted on his blog, Bieber says the town was overrun with poverty -- "I'm not talking about poor, I'm talking about 10 people living in a little shack."

Inspired, Justin ditched his shirt and went to work -- grabbing a wheelbarrow and helping to build a wall for the school.

He also took off his shoes and gave them to one of the local children.


Afterward, Bieber says it was, "one of the most amazing powerful experiences of my life."

Bieber says the experience helped him grow as a person -- saying, "I feel like they helped me as much as I helped them."


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Tasha Janine    

What is sad is Justin has been giving back for years and people still want to say this is PR, all of his concert tickets & CD sales always donate a portion for Pencils of Promise (his foundation). There is a lot of good that he does that is not covered in the media, for example he recently granted his 200th wish for the make a wish foundation. How many celebs can say they have made this happen? He is constantly visiting hospitals and schools & donating to several causes & other things like that. It is sad that people will judge him for the stupid mistakes that he's made this year. It's also sad that this is the first time the media covers something good he's done & people want to make it out to be a PR stunt. If he was doing this for attention or "quote on quote" PR more of the good he's done would also be put in the media to counter balance the bad. He's not doing this for his reputation, he's doing this because he is genuinely a kind person and if you haters would take a step back and see all the good he's done over the past few years you would see it too.

358 days ago


Looks more like he did it as a photo op. I bet he never did any real work. Just posing. He loves to overhype his charity work too. Do charity work but don't promote it all over.

358 days ago

Jen Luna    

If he really wants to do something good he doesnt need the whole to know he just showing up

358 days ago


He's still a knob.

358 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

lol... he's the only one not wearing a shirt in the village.

358 days ago


Why are beliebers so God damn stupid? It's a PR stunt if any other celebrity of Politician did it they'd be called out on the spot. In fact many are usually called out right away. If Justin says jump of the building they jump and never question why until they are a few inches from the ground, and some won't even reach that point. That kind of warped, delusional, cult-like mentality is dangerous especially when he now have social media to fuel it 24/7. These little girls need a slap or two to get them back into reality because a PR stunt doesn't make a good person it actually shoes that he is the opposite.

358 days ago


this little ***got must think this ploy for some good will attention can make up for all the stupid bull**** he has pulled the past few years just makes him look worse!

its pretty damn funny he is the only one out of all those people that has their shirt off, what a flake!

and then the freak takes off his monster shaq shoes to put on a little kid? how gay is that???

beebs, just do us all a favor and please kill yourself!

358 days ago


good is good, period. not a jb fan in the least but this behavior is so constructive. inasmuch props to him.

358 days ago


Big whoop. $$$ speaks louder than some photo opt handing out a $2 nasty T-Shirt to a kid. If he wanted to do something for these people worth a crap, then he should donate $$$ to them what he blows on partying 1 mth picking the tab up for his homies. Of course this is after the construction dust and mortar eats his little azz alive. Moron.

358 days ago


Please vote for me for Bloomingdales beauty contest to win $1,000! Thanks!

358 days ago


some of the comments on this article are disgusting. disrespecting someone else and questioning their motives for something is pathetic. as you can tell justin did not post pictures from his time building the school tmz did. give him some credit. he has an amazing heart and it's time the people who feel the need to criticize everything he does whether it's good or bad start to realize that. how anyone has the audacity to hate on his after doing this i will NEVER understand.

358 days ago


Well I'm still not completely convinced but it's nice of him to help out regardless of how he acted in the past. He didn't have to do this at all. Kudos for that more people should help other's in need like this.

358 days ago


Yup, "chopper" in while everyone there walks for miles if they need anything. Move a few shovels of dirt and then chopper out again. I'm sure that made the folks there feel good instead of being used as a photo op...

358 days ago


The Guatemalan children are like, "This mother ****er needs to hurry up. we wouldve been done buiding the school by now if he wasnt in the way damn."

358 days ago


sometimes it takes seeing something like that to make a personal change in your self. Good for you Justin even if it opened your eyes a little you will always remember what is out there and be grateful for your life.just remember to give back!

358 days ago
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