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Aaron Hernandez


Allegedly Passing Secret Messages to Other Inmates

10/30/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Aaron Hernandez jail ID badge fiasco has opened up a can of worms -- TMZ has learned, the former NFL star is now being INVESTIGATED for allegedly passing secret messages to other inmates.

As we reported, one of the inmates at Aaron's jail in Connecticut was busted recently for trying to steal AH's jail ID badge. The thief was caught and Aaron got his badge back, but it didn't end there.

Sources connected to the situation tell TMZ ... the inmate who tried to swipe the ID claims Aaron contacted him soon after the incident and gave him a copy of the 320-page book, "Bad Boy Brawly Brown" ... which contained a secret handwritten note on two pages inside.

We've seen the note and the handwriting appears to match up with the handwriting on Aaron's previous two jail letters (#1, #2).

Surprisingly, Aaron's message isn't angry -- it even sounds like Aaron is friends with the guy who took his ID. Aaron opens the note, writing, "I heard you are the one that tried to steal my ID! That's crazy lol!"

The rest of Aaron's letter rambles on about how he's innocent and can't wait to prove it in court. He also still believes he will play football again soon. Yadda yadda.

But the content of the note isn't the issue, at least as far as jail staff is concerned. A rep for the jail tells us, inmates are forbidden from passing each other notes such as this -- so if it turns out Aaron really did write the letter, there could be severe consequences for all involved.

We're told staff will be interviewing Aaron, the other inmate, and everyone in between, to determine what happened.

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Aaron isn't in jail in Connecticut he's in jail in Dartmouth house of correction in Dartmouth ma...I wish you reporters would get your facts straight BEFORE you publish stories. It makes us readers wonder if you can't get a simple fact of what jail he is in right what else have you fabricated?

323 days ago


TMZ writes some bogus articles, if you
read any of this stuff, you just wasted
1 minute of your life.

323 days ago


Why is he sitting in jail awaiting trial anyhow? Didn't they just release the gook that killed the toddler of AP?

323 days ago


this is becoming ridiculous
first they try to build a case by threatening to jail his fiance, and friends in hopes they will testify against him.
now they want to get him for writing friendly notes in jail.

it's obvious theymay not have any hard evidence against him and want to get him for anything.
they wont even let him watch sports on tv along with the other inmates because they hate him so much.
what they heck is going on?

323 days ago


I've read these articles for the past few days about A.H. this story sounds like another whacked out writing by one of your staff once again.

First off A.H. is in the D.H.O.C he's not in Conn…

I love how you use sources connected to the situation, a source can be any Tom D*** or Harry just trying to get a few seconds of fame or a few bucks.

Please tell us how a book supposedly was in the
D.H.O.C and made it out on the street, if the only
thing that inmates can mail is within the contents
of an envelope? (^^IMPOSSIBLE^^)

If you've seen the note, why haven't you posted it
to show all your loyal subscribers?

In this blog post you go back and forth with a "note"
and a "letter" which one is it, they both have two
different meanings.

I'm not trying to stick up for A.H. the thief in jail or
anyone else, just when you post something like this make sure you base your writings on facts not
on he said - she said B.S., I know TMZ is based on
stories but this story sounds like you guys were out
of quality stories and had a lead from some whack job that fed you a bunch of B.S.

I can't wait to see what the next topic is about A.H.
is, I got one for you:

"A.H. and the thief break out of prison and flee to

Go Patriots…….

322 days ago

BB not bb    

Why can't people write notes to each other? Isn't he in like solitary going crazy? Wasn't that just for his protection as they say? I think it is cruel and unusual punishment to keep people from writing to each other. We have freedom of expression. He is not being allowed to express himself freely.

He is probably dying for anyone to talk to him and be nice to him. He must be very lonely. He is trying to be brave I guess. Maybe he felt like this guy was somehow still a fan.

322 days ago

Rodney King    

Innocent until proven guilty? Or locked in a cage until they can prove you guilty?

300 days ago

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