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Charlie Sheen

The Judge Who Jails Me

Is a Fat, Dishonorable Douchebag

11/1/2013 3:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen
is scoffing at Brooke Mueller's team, which is trying to nail him for talking about Brooke on TMZ, saying, "If this is what they want, bring it 'cause I'll burn the house down."

Charlie is reacting to our story, in which we reported Brooke's team will ask a judge to sanction him for allegedly violating the gag orders in the custody and guardianship cases.  Charlie called Brooke an evil whore -- among many other things -- who has done great damage to their twins.

Charlie is especially angry Brooke is getting her first overnight visit with the twins since she went to rehab.  He tells TMZ Live his security guards will stand outside her house tonight and barge in if there's a sign of trouble.

Charlie tells TMZ, "Really, they're going to jail me for telling the truth"

And get this ... Charlie says, "If I actually go to jail for talking, I'll do interviews in jail," adding, "The only person more idiotic than Brooke in this case is the judge.  The Dishonorable Judge Douchebag."

But wait ... there's more.  Charlie says, "He [the judge] wants to put me in jail for trying to save my boys?  Go for it, fatty.  I'll eat his lunch from jail."  And one more thing about the obviously large judge, "One meal he could afford to miss."

And Charlie's classic parting shot:  "Sanctions Flanctions.  Clearly they've forgotten not to poke this bear."


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Brooke shouldn't be anywhere near those kids unsupervised. She's proven that time and time again.

357 days ago


Why hasn't his family intervened. It seems like he's getting more and more unstable. Reminds me a lot of the Britney Spears downward spiral.

357 days ago

A viewer    

"sanctions flanctions" - lol! Charlie is funny, he's also honest to a fault, but with his $ he can do what he wants, and he's not hurting anyone, just trying to protect his little boys. Good for you Charlie!

357 days ago


Both parents have drug problems. The only thing keeping the kids safe is Charlie's money and that he can continue to pay for nannies and live in help.

357 days ago

Chuck T    

Hey Charlie,

Lindsay called and said that you are crazy in the head, and thats saying something coming from her.

357 days ago


His house he can burn it down!

357 days ago


This is horrible.

357 days ago


Be funny if it is a woman Judge and he gets jail time LOL

357 days ago


Quite frankly, I think his bipolar disorder is rearing its ugly head. Delusions of grandiosity is one big mania flag hence his diatribe on the judge. He had this before when he was in his tiger blood phase. Dude can't help himself really until he gets help again. He has had a really good run and minding himself until now. That being said, drug addict for a mother and a father with a mood disorder does not a happy home make. These kids would be screwed without Denise. Sad!

357 days ago


he is just concerned for his kids, and i dont blame him at all!

357 days ago


Don't you love the words that come out of this parent/mans mouth??!?

357 days ago


Drug addicted dooshbag....he is certifiably crazy...and 10 to 1 he got Brooke hooked on drugs....lousy damn actor as well.

357 days ago


Good God his mouth sure gonna get him in big trouble one day. Meanwhile, we'll enjoy the entertainment value!

357 days ago

Wow ...    

Keep talking Charlie, give the judges every reason in the world to end any and all parental rights you currently have. SMH

357 days ago


Oh, yeah! Because he is such a GREAT FATHER, right? He doesn't have custody of ANY of his kids but he sits in judgement of his 2 wive's care-taking abilities? STFU, Sheen! YOU have no right to judge anyone!

357 days ago
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