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Jackson Family

If Murray's Allowed to Practice

He'll Kill Again

11/3/2013 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's family fears Dr. Conrad Murray will KILL someone else if he's allowed to practice medicine again ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the family tell TMZ ... most of them are both offended and afraid at Murray's bid to regain his right to practice.  They can't believe Murray would have a ghost of a chance to practice after being convicted and jailed for the death of Michael.

The family scoffs at the notion that he didn't harm anyone other than MJ during his 20 years of practice.  They believe Murray acted so recklessly with Michael -- partly out of greed and partly because he was a starf**ker. 

But the family will almost certainly not appear at any medical board hearing over Murray's license.  We're told they've had more than enough of dealing with the good doc.


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conrad murray should sue the jackkson estate for be exploited as a doctor. as for the jackson family they should screw themselves.

321 days ago


Of course they are through, they saw all the backlash they got from trying to get rich off of Michael's death with that stupid trial, I say let him have his license back.

321 days ago

prince of the city    

Any chance Michael Jackson's family will just go away.....?

321 days ago

What I Think    

I'm so glad that MJ was murdered. Talk about divine justice.

321 days ago

tmz addict    

well nutritions important.....

321 days ago


dont give him his license. he is a murrder

321 days ago

What I Think    

I guess I'll call it a night. Now I'm going to go out and find an underage boy to sleep in my bed. I'll tuck him in, give him milk and cookies and read him a story. It will be very sweet.

321 days ago


As much as I dislike Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson was responsible for his own death. He was a drug addict and had been for many, many years. Yes, Conrad Murray should be able to practice again BUT....with limitations.......

321 days ago


Why are these plastic Jacksons/Jacksun blaming Murray for something Michael did? He wanted to go to sleep and wanted the drugs. Jermaine needs to draw less attention to himself with all of that grease on his face and his plastered down hair. He is the ugliest JACKSON. In other words, he is jermugly! Murray was Michael's flunky and did whatever Michael told him to do. Michael did it to himself. Case dismissed!

321 days ago


The Jackson family should be ashamed of themselves after their failed shakedown lawsuit attempt.

But then again, they have no shame--only greed.

321 days ago


The Jacksons are just afraid that if he kills again, they won't be able to profit from it!! The Jacksons, without their money train Michael, are like a chicken running around with it's head cut off

321 days ago


Move on all you Jackson's, your cash cow brother/son was an addict who died of HIS affliction not Murray's. He never killed anyone, Michael was more guilty than the Dr.

321 days ago


What has just happened???

Have they just deleted HN's dumb post???

ROFLMAO, the reason must be that it was wayyyyy too dumb.

Watch out, HN, if you keep posting dumb comments, they will be banning you again. And, you are too dumb to find your way back!!!

321 days ago


omg - the family need to back the **** down! yes he was at fault but at the same time, wtf was Mj takin those f'n drugs in the 1st plce, dis doctor only gave him what he wanted not wat the doctor recommended - the money was to hard to resist - if not murray wudve been the another doctor wanting to get paid! - MJ had a ****n drug problem, he may have the been the king but he was no dumbass, he knew what he was doing -selfish prick put his so called needs first rather then think about his kids - MJ was all about the kids n yet he was a drug addict - what he needed was some mental pills to keep his head str8.. the whole jackson family are mental, that family is ****ed up itself! - joe Jackson was all about the fame, Katherine Jackson all Jehovah n humble my ass - siblings? um their life stories are shady as ever - kids to same women, surgery here n dea etc ...gosh im a big MJ fan but man the family need to face reality n realise their brother/son was a grown man and was capable of knowing from right or wrong, blame the world as much as u want - mj was f'd up in the head - most talented but f'd up!...

321 days ago


the family should not worry for given that he served some jail time even if he gets his license back the liability insurance muray will have to pay for will be high not to mention no sane hospital would want to hire him due to his infamy

321 days ago
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