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Josh Brolin


... Before Hugging It Out

11/3/2013 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Josh Brolin has 2 things down -- fighting, and making-up ... and he did both in the most entertaining bar fight we've seen all year.

It's 2 AM Friday.  The bouncers at O'Briens Irsh Pub in Santa Monica were closing up, but a VERY drunken Josh wasn't ready to call it a night.  One of the bouncers maneuvered Barbara Streisand's stepson outside, but Josh wasn't having it ... and that's when the fun began.

Slosh was not exactly in top fighting form.  You see his arms flail but few punches connect.

As you probably know, this isn't Josh's first bar fight.  He famously got arrested in Shreveport, LA outside a bar while shooting a movie.  He was also busted on Jan 1, 2013 for public intoxication.

The bouncer tricked Josh into believing that they had been hugging earlier, and that's when the fight turned into one, gigantic bear hug.

The bouncer attempts to hail a cab for the 47-year-old actor, but the video ends as Josh breaks loose and runs into the sunset.

The end.


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He's got a drinking problem he won't address, prob why Diane left him. Any day is a good day to grow.

317 days ago


This guy's such a loser. I hope he picks a brawl with the wrong person real soon and gets his sorry a** kicked into the next state. What on earth is Diane Lane doing with this moron?

316 days ago


time for this jackhole to group up!

316 days ago


A b-lister who can't fight. Big news.

316 days ago


Another one of those Hollywood icons that so many look to for political advice.

316 days ago

Ms Melissa    

Time to freaking grow up!!!!! Clearly has alchol problems, beat his wife, lost her, goes on drunken rages.... time to clean up are too old to be acting like a moronic college kid who can't hold his liquor or behave... waiting for rock bottom in your life--- oh-- you are already there-

316 days ago


I defy elitist foe
By my demand for rights to know
The book of nature: secret lore
I'll write it down and say much more
By analogue, in symbolism
It's my belief in my religion
Parasympathetic needs
Or cancer's cure in apple seeds
Tree of life, or, golden bough
Ubiquitous, I know it now
My right to think, my right to say
Your culture's crud. I'll go my way
Now I don't ask, I'm telling you
I'll take the right to my own view.

316 days ago


Holy only getting acting jobs because his dad is wearing a clothespin as he goes down on Babs Batman!
"Great actor?" Is his poster in your bedroom sitting next to Tori Spellings?

316 days ago

Jennifer Hatfield    

LEAVE JOSH ALONE!!! He did nothing here - that is news worthy. If you had any dignity you ould not post a news item like this. IT doesn't do ANYONE any good. Josh is a fabulous ACTOR - be thankful for him - he makes lots of really great movies. He is amazing.

316 days ago

Jennifer Hatfield    

Leave Josh alone - so what -- he didn't hurt anyone, etc. This kind of press can be very harmful to people -- just BACK off and mind your own business.

316 days ago


Time for another trip through rehab?

316 days ago
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