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Charlie and Brooke's Son

Photos Allegedly Show Bob Injured During Visit with Mom

11/5/2013 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


TMZ obtained these pics from sources connected with the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services ... and they purportedly show 4-year-old Bob Sheen before and after a visit with Brooke Mueller ... we've learned Charlie Sheen believes it's proof she's NOT a fit parent.

DCFS sources tell TMZ, Denise Richards -- who has temporary guardianship of twins Bob and Max --  included the before/after shots in her letter to DCFS, claiming a photo was taken just before Bob was dropped off at Brooke's place on July 26 ... and the other taken after leaving Brooke's care.

Denise didn't say what the red mark was, but we're told Charlie believes it was a burn.

It appears Brooke told DCFS Bob's face was already red when Denise dropped him off.

As we reported, according to our DCFS sources ... Denise recently wrote the letter to DCFS in order to say she could no longer care for Charlie and Brooke's twins because they have become out of control and violent, hurting her animals and her daughters.

Denise blames Brooke for the out-of-control behavior of the twins.


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Jeff Goldblum saw him pulling the wings off of the other Flies, and decided to mess the kid up.

352 days ago


OUR SYSTEM STINKS. Our gov’t spends tons of money keeping impaired people off the roads - yet cluelessly keeps putting millions of HELPLESS children in BOTH physical and psychological danger by having reckless, irrational addicts care for them.
WE KNOW TOO MUCH ABOUT ADDICTION - for this to be condoned. A quick stint in REHAB is almost meaningless - and RELAPSES are almost a certainty. Our govt’ recognizes that pedophiles do not get better with counseling - YET the same is true for addiction - however, these helpless kid's care is turned over to parent/addicts by the thousands constantly.
Our government destroys the lives of kids everyday by thrusting them into the care of people who can't even take care of themselves.
If only we could sue the gov’t for reckless child endangerment - then there might be some changes made to protect these innocent vulnerable children.

352 days ago


I'm not surprised that the boys are acting out. Brooke smoked crack while she was pregnant and used it around them when they were home with her. They have bounced around between Brooke, Charlie and Denise. Unless these kids get extensive counseling they are going to have a really rough future. It's so so sad. They deserve love, stability and structure. They are the true victims in this mess!

352 days ago


This is so sad. If this isn't enough to completely pull Brooke Mueler's parental rights then nothing will. Anyone who has been involved in a custody dispute knows that you take a pic before and after. I don't think it matters so much that they are different angles the child clearly had something bad happen while he was supposed to be in her care. If Brooke was any kind of a human being or cared at all then she would walk away, aknowledge that she just isn't cut out for Motherhood and stop being part of the problem. These poor boys, they didn't ask for any of this. All kids need is stability and like them who are born with extra challenges like fetal alcohol syndrome or whatever else has come from Brooke's drug abuse while they were developing need extra care, Charlie can afford this and he can do it, but the court needs to make it so he can without her interference!

352 days ago

Be a little inappropriate~    

These poor babies would have been better off being raised by wolves.

352 days ago


No wonder Charlie Sheen is going "BALLISTIC" on Child Protection Services, the presiding judge and especially Brooke Mueller. If these poor boys need "PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELING", Brooke Mueller "SHOULDN'T INTERFERE". After all, she's not the one "PICKING UP THE TAB", Charlie Sheen is and he's sincerely tried to help her "NUMEROUS TIMES" in the past with her "ADDICTION ISSUES" but she keeps "RELAPSING". Perhaps, Brooke Mueller should agree to accept "SUPERVISED VISITS" that don't include "OVERNIGHT VISITATION"!!! If Bob and Max are rather "UNRULY" in Denise Richard's household, I could only imagine they're "COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL" in Brooke Mueller's. Boys will be boys, and Brooke's probably not quite up to the "CHALLENGE" of "RAISING THEM".

352 days ago


This is a awful set up by Charlie and Denise. There is no Time date stamped on the two Pics, This comes after Denise writes a Letter to DCFS that will harm her to where she can lose her kids.

352 days ago


Why can't Charlie take care of his own sons? What a loser. Full of excuses as to why he can't. He's got enough money to retire, so why can't he take care of them? He pretends that they are important to him, but they are not. Porn stars are his most important people. Selfish mentally ill clown.

352 days ago


WTF is wrong with Harvey Levin? It's bad enough these two "parents" are parading their kids here and every other tabloid. But for TMZ to continue posting stories about them and now these photos? MY GOD HARVEY, have you no shame?

352 days ago

People Annoy Me    

TMZ, please use some judgement in looking at these photos.

The before picture also has a red spot in the same area, but due to lighting, it's not seen very well.

This isn't correct that it happened in your "Before/after" shots as the area of burn/red is present in both photos, not not visibly seen well until closer inspection.
Just my two cents on this.

352 days ago


If Denise &/or Charlie suspect child abuse, the only responsible thing to do is to take the children to the doctor & to have police take official pictures for the record. These blurry home pictures pictures are more than a little suspect to me.

I look at the first picture & see a slight pink on both sides of his face & then what they call the "after" picture, I see a bright pink. The "after" shot shows a very odd shape & I wonder what would make a burn in that pattern PLUS affect the tip of his nose & a small part of his cheek.

Unfortunately, Denise is being dragged in the middle of the war between Charlie & Brooke. She can't protect these children as long as both their parents are using them as weapons against each other.

It's a shame but she can't allow her children to be destroyed so Charlie can continue to abuse drugs & surround himself with whores & still endlessly whine about what a bad mother Brooke is.

352 days ago


Why did his ex take care of HIS kids? Seems like both of them aren't doing a good job at parenting.

352 days ago


Proof Max squeezed Bob's head?

352 days ago

Black Adam    

Am I the only one not seeing anything wrong with the kids face?

352 days ago


Its apparent in the first, or "before" photo, that the mark is already present. You can see it going right to the corner of Bob's eye, and then down below his ear.

Exactly the same shape / dimensions as the second photo.

These photos prove to me that this incident actually happened before Bob left Charlies Place and confirms what Brooke said... Bob's face was already red when he was dropped off.

Also, the fact that pictures were conveniently taken before and after to "frame" Brooke is appalling...

So... Hollywood... Poor kids.

352 days ago
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