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'Talk' Star Sharon Osbourne

'The View' Gals Can

'Go F**k Themselves'

11/6/2013 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"The Talk" star Sharon Osbourne has just fired a major shot in her war with "The View" -- saying the women on the ABC chat show can all go "f**k themselves" ... with one exception.

Sharon, along with her "Talk" mates Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Aisha Tyler and Sheryl Underwood, appeared on "The Arsenio Hall Show" (which airs tonight) and talked about the differences between the two squawk shows.

Initially, Julie tried to keep things polite ... but Sharon wasn't having it -- and after praising Barbara Walters as a goddess, proclaimed, "The rest [of the 'View' cast] can go f**k themselves."

How's that for a hot topic? Discuss.


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Let me share what "The Talk" is really about it it isn't human interest....
I wrote to the producers of the Talk, which I have relationships with and asked this simple request to take in to the pitch room for a possible segment...
"I have a group doing some amazing things with 1200 Moore, OK children who lost their 2 schools this year for the Holidays. There will be mothers from Newtown, CT, 9/11 firefighters, Tucson shooting survivors and other disaster survivors doing a stars of hope project with the families there. They bring inspiration to the community. There is even going to be Molly (a dalmatian who survived an EF-5 tornado who has a children's book about her). Molly is going to be on The tv show American Pickers on Nov. 20th. If The Talk would be interested let me know I can send you contact/write-up. Would be a very heart warming and uplifting segment. Especially for the mother audience."

You can look up the group here...

here is the Producers response about all these families they "where concerned about" when tragedy stuck them and used as opening show "Talking Points"

"The Talk doesn't do human interest stories anymore." - That was it... So at least we are clear that "Human Interest" is not part of Sharon's show... WTF?
This conversation with the show took place 11/4/13... THIS WEEK!!!!

347 days ago


Sharon is VULGAR, and the Talk is loud and pointless. The View will go the same way without Barbara's class. Sheri is also loud and vulgar but she pales next to Sharon. I guess she has decided to take Joy's place in the potty mouth department. Why do the networks have women talking at the same time and making tasteless comments?

I guess some find that format entertaining. Both shows offer very little that is meaningful or entertaining. These so-called stars represent women poorly. I'm glad the gal (forgot her name0 who went to Fox hightailed it out of there. She was far too mature for that bunch. I thought Whoopi would take the money and run after a few seasons. The money must be good.

Hannah's Take

347 days ago


The different between ‘The View‘ and ‘The Talk‘ is: THE VIEW DON'T HAVE ANY VIEWS!

347 days ago


Love, love, love Sharon!!!! Her dry Brit' sense of humor always refreshing...... Unfortunately, I understand she had to apologize today for her joke that ruffled feathes at the other show......:)

347 days ago


This poor pathetic woman will do anything to be the center of attention. She must keep doing this because she has nothing else to offer. The sad part is she thinks what she says is always so profound. No wonder her kids are losers who just won't go awaaaay! They have no talent either. Sharon has class, ALL LOW. Her son can't dance, her daughter can't dress, yet she is on a show that judges what people wear. Really/truly comical and pathetic. Whenever I see any member of this family, I change the channel. They are in the same category as Kim K and talent!

346 days ago


without ozzy ,"MRS.O." would be selling cosmetics at a drugstore to support herself....if that!!! she is real WHITE TRASH!!!

339 days ago


Sharon was bad outter place, what bad choice of words, folks have kids that watch your shows, the american way of life is just garbage nowdays, im sick of all the negativity, all about rating and money, sharon wash your mouth with soap.

338 days ago


I so agree with ppl comments Sharon is poor Euro trailer park trash with a bad nasty attitude but she has loads of money she can laugh to the bank ,but ppl lets be honest shes a good wife and revamped her still druggie husband's career she made her money honestly and shes loving mom.Her late estranged father who was label as corrupted music ex with his nasty genes carried down to her.She on tv only because of her hubby's stardom shes old not that attractive looking woman her kids not attractive nor talented are famous for nothing.Jack O married trailer park southern trash "ok looking"woman .shes no ravaging beauty! She got pregnant within 3 months after meeting him.Lets hope she don't take him for everything he have.He has no a pre nup with this woman. He has 4 stage MS blinded in one eye and defecated on himself hes words I'm quoting and not an attractive man. To any woman but his money will always be

307 days ago
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