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Brandon T. Jackson

Passenger Backs Him Up ...

He Wasn't Drunk!

11/7/2013 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1106-brandon-t-jackson-getty"Tropic Thunder" star Brandon T. Jackson was kicked off his US Airways flight for no reason -- at least according to the passenger sitting next to him on the plane, who tells TMZ, Jackson was NOT drunk as the airline claims.

As we previously reported, Brandon was escorted off his flight from NYC to LA on Monday during a layover in Phoenix ... after flight attendants accused him of being drunk and disorderly.

Brandon went off on Twitter after the incident, claiming a flight attendant accused him of being drunk, hurled a racial epithet at him -- and for good measure added, "I don"t care if you're Obama's son -- get in your seat!!"

We spoke to Darrell Howard, who was sitting next to Brandon, and he says he doesn't recall hearing the Obama comment ... but insists Jackson was NOT drunk -- and had no more than two drinks (Jack and gingers) during the 5-and-a-half hour flight from NYC to Phoenix. 

Howard also says Brandon shared a few scripts with him and another passenger -- backing up the actor's claim that he told the angry flight attendant he was just "rehearsing lines" with the people next to him. 

Howard added Brandon was nothing but nice, and he was shocked to see the flight attendant snap the way she did.

US Airways has said it stands behind its flight attendants.


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Dead account Delete at will    

Lets say for a min that that is all true which I don't since it came from his "friend" source. Not the guy he ran lines with or the 13 other people. But lets say his newest story is true.
First After she asked him to stop doing "the lines" or yelling. He should have respected her job she has to do with the plane and all the idiots and just shut up and be a decent passenger. But apparently he still had to get up and take something to some point to get banned from the plane. Did his seat not have a passenger call button like all the others? Why did he feel he had the authority to go into their area and demand anything on the spot? Even with their story being true he still acted the douche on the airplane. And that's WITH his 3rd installment.

348 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

Passenger = buddy, pay, friend that flew with him. ya great source. Why not ask his mother how he acted while your at it

348 days ago


I refuse to believe a flight attendant decided on a whim to just toss him off the plane. Obviously something was going on with this guy that was annoying the flight attendant to the point of taking action.

348 days ago


What type of whacko actor rehearses lines with strangers sitting around them on an airplane? He was obviously being c ocky like, "I am a famous actor everyone!!" Idiot.

348 days ago


Someone needs to contact the NSA, is there anything they don't see or hear.

348 days ago


Did we forget to mention Howard is black?

348 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

No one is threatening legal action on either side so I don't know why we are still talking about this. It's over. Let it go.

348 days ago

common sense    

Hmmm. I think its his personal choice to receive ****tails...however why did they continue to serve and supply.

348 days ago


He wants his 15 minutes to continue he is waiting for Oprah to jump in and scream RACISM !!!!!!!!!!!!!

348 days ago


Its a toss up. You wouldn't think they would throw him off for no reason. However on a flight from san Antonio to lax they threw a man of the flight that was sitting behind my husband. It was really strange. They came up to starting saying he didn't have a valid ticket. The man sounded very confused and said I don't understand. They didn't even explain anything they threatened to get police. Never flying United again. It was horrible.

348 days ago


funny how the tmz zombies are always jumping to conclusions instead of waiting till all the evidence comes if it comes out, he was right. i guess you STUPID fvcks are so used to egg on your faces it wouldn't even matter. probably wont learn from it, just jump to the next story face planting, yapping and hurling your insignificant insecure b.s......fvcking bottom feeding hidden agenda lowlives with fvcked up reality......
( single handedly are the ****roaches of the planet.. known as the most STUPID fvcks of the world..!!!

348 days ago


I want to believe him, I really do. But the story still stinks! He claimed he was called a n***** by the flight attendant and that's why he wanted the story picked up. The part about him being intoxicated came from the airlines' statement. His 2 witnesses says he wasn't. OK fine. So, where's this racial slur and reference to Obama? Once again, he took to Twitter saying "read the full story" and linked to CNN. CNN reported the same story as TMZ (if you read each post).

348 days ago


If it were me and I had been mistreated in the way he claims, my tweets and statements would consist of my disdain for the treatment I received and how appalled I am by it all and not "pick up this story...TMZ is lying... read the full story". But, that's just me. Cause if the story had validity it would be picked up without you begging everyone to look at it.

And quite frankly, if it's taking this long to get 2 (of 13) witnesses to come forward just to say he wasn't drunk or loud it's probably wh0re sh!t and I wish this story would go away. I'm getting boooorrred.

348 days ago


I just wish people would wait before jumping to his defense cause in the end, if it is wh0re sh!t, once again, we all look stupid crying racism.

348 days ago


You don't have to be drunk to be an a$$hole.

348 days ago
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