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Charlie Sheen

Father of the Year

11/7/2013 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen
 is a fantastic father who dotes over his children and is always there for them ... this according to Denise Richards.

TMZ has obtained a document submitted to the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services, written by Denise Richards.  The title is "Visitation Log."  Denise outlines Charlie's involvement with Sam and Lola -- the kids they had together, as well as Bob and Max -- the twins he had with Brooke Mueller.

The document -- which Denise was required to keep because she was Charlie's monitor when he visited the twins -- was included in her documents to show DCFS Charlie has been a capable, even excellent parent, whereas Brooke has been a disaster.

Here's the outline of Charlie's involvement:

-- Sept. 22  We all had dinner together.  Charlie stayed until bedtime
-- Sept 25   Visit after school till after dinner
-- Sept. 29  We all went to watch our daughters ride, petting zoo, and dinner with friends
-- Oct 2  Boys and their dad and I took the girls to their dance class after school.  Bob and Lola put on a  dance show for all of us before bed.  Their father stayed until bedtime
-- Oct 4  Boys field trip for school.  We all went together.  Spent the morning until 1:30 PM
-- Oct 6  Charlie was with us for the boys' drum lesson.  Watched them play and went to play ball with boys.  His friend and sons met us as well 
-- Oct 9  I had friends and their children over for a dinner party.  Charlie was with us. He left right after bedtime
-- Oct 16  The kids all came to my set at work.  Charlie met us there.  At my dinner break we all ate together
-- Oct 20  Charlie and his chef came over and she made brunch for us.  Sam had a big project for school he spent time working on that.  And also did art with boys
-- Oct 23  Dinner/homework with girls. Read stories to the kids
-- Oct 27  Spent late afternoon into evening with us
-- Oct 31 Went trick or treating with us, afterwards came back to my house to help me put everyone to bed

TMZ broke the story ... Denise has sent material to DCFS explaining how it has become impossible to care for Bob and Max -- she's the temporary guardian -- because of Brooke's interference.  

We're told Brooke tried to get the judge to strip Denise of guardianship Wednesday but failed.


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Dead account Delete at will    

I hope to god Charlie wins and that bitch gets locked back up and wakes up after a long vacation. Then comes back a real woman and a mother. Not this raving lunatic drug brained psycho behavior.

353 days ago


Well I guess Charlie should atleast get a few points for not giving his kids stupid names like most celebries.

353 days ago


I really think the ultimate demonstration of Sheen's love for these kids are his efforts to keep them out of Brooke's hands. Seriously, at this point, even the Warlock himself would be a better option for Max and Bob. Hopefully, they'll come out of this healthy and happy. Damage's been done already.

353 days ago


wonder what an out line of brooks, involvement with the kids looks like?

353 days ago


Denise is a smart woman.

353 days ago


I'd have gotten married and had kids too...if I only had to actually see & tolerate them every 4-7 days.

353 days ago


Good job on Charlie. I can only imagine what Brooke's activity log looks like? "September 12, Scored crack cocaine." "September 13, Scored crack cocaine with new glass pipe." "September 14, Scored crack cocaine at 7:30 pm and boys went to bed on floor while I got high." LOL

353 days ago


I do think Charlie truly cares for his children and wants the best for them, lets hope they get it.

353 days ago


Charlie, go away. I have no doubt that Brooke is not a good parent, but he is just as bad. You mean to tell me a guy that has money for hookers and cocaine can't get his kids back? BS. He doesn't want to see them. He's too busy "winning." What an effing loser. He should never have dated Brooke. He doesn't have custody of ANY of his kids. Go away and stop vying for public attention on your stupid "blogs"!

353 days ago


Denise sure loves being a doormat for Charlie. She wrote this whole report and cracked out CS just signed the dotted line. Her existence must be wonderful. What an enabler idiot.

353 days ago


Those kids look to have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, which might explain their behavior in part.

353 days ago


Oh good. He's not alone with any of the children.

Hey, I for one agree he's father of the year. After all, all father of the years have to have supervised visitation and can't be alone with thier children, right? LOL

And he spends a couple hours a day, 12 times in over 36 days and that makes him father of the year too. High standards ya got there, TMz.

OH and Denise, if he's such a great father - why not let your girls stay overnight with him. And OH Denise this will come back to bite in the a##. Remember, you said Charlie is a good dad. When he wants to spend more time with the girls WITHOUT YOU, what will be your argument against it? After all, he is such a great dad.

353 days ago


If you're going to photoshop Brooke out of the picture and move Max to the left, you need to remove the original off the side bar, lol. :)

353 days ago


seems like the kids are acting just like they're good old daddy denise you should be careful you may be in Brooks shoes one day when you get on Charlie Sheen's dad side how dare you go out to custody of her children and if you guys do all these outings together sounds like the kids are acting just fineso I'd say deniseI'll try to get that woman's kids taken away take care of your own children and boys at age are rambunctious they went around the test your patience it's off to a strong parent to discipline them and say no don't do this or don't do that looks like the children looking for discipline give them to stop complaining like a little bit and Charlie Sheen that doesn't make you a good parent pointing the finger at someone else all the time look at ur- self in the mirrorthe court would be absolutely crazy to give you children

353 days ago


denise has always played kiss ass to charlie.her acting career is gone.she has to get paid some way or the other.

353 days ago
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