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Jameis Winston

Signs Cops Covered Up Sexual Assault Allegations

11/14/2013 12:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There's evidence Tallahassee cops tried to sweep the sexual assault investigation targeting Florida State University QB Jameis Winston under the rug to protect the team and its star player ... and ONLY took aggressive steps after TMZ Sports started asking questions.

Sources in the State Attorney's Office tell us they never even knew about the investigation until Tuesday ... JUST ONE DAY AFTER TMZ Sports began making calls to cops about the alleged assault.

Our sources in the State Attorney's Office say ... it was highly unusual cops wouldn't have filled them in about the case until this week.  The sources say cops would have typically notified them when the investigation was completed, and Winston's lawyer reportedly says cops told him it was completed in February.

Now get this ... TMZ Sports started calling police about the case on Monday.  We were told someone would get back to us later that day, but there was radio silence for 2 days ... we made repeated calls Tuesday and Wednesday and no one got back to us until late Wednesday afternoon. 

Sources in the State Attorney's Office tell us ... the timing -- getting notified about the case months after it supposedly was closed and just a day after TMZ started calling -- is suspicious.

The State Attorney has now re-activated the case and sent it back to cops for further investigation.

And there's a twist -- guess what would happen if Winston was even CHARGED with felony sexual assault -- under FSU's rules ... he would be AUTOMATICALLY BENCHED ... killing the team's national championship hopes and his Heisman Trophy chances.


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Cops stick for other cops and athletes. Those cops should be found and fired. Immediately. And never given another job in law enforcement again.

345 days ago


Jameis Winston didn't even play for Florida State when these accusations were made a year ago. Maybe TMZ Sports, or whatever you want to call your dirt sheet about sports players, should have looked into that before blaming it on the cops or the team?

345 days ago


To those who tried to cover this up, what if it was your sister, your mother, your aunt, your daughter who was sexually assaulted? Would you then cover it up to preserve a football team or player's reputation?

So wrong. So wrong. It is re-victimizing the victim.

Hope consequences are dished out to the one who assaulted and to those who participated in the cover up.

345 days ago

Clyde T.M. Nestra    

It is really pathetic that a woman could just say she was assaulted and a guy's entire career could be screwed...along with the team's chances, too, in this case. What's to prevent any drunken skank or bitter ex-girlfriend from filing charges?

345 days ago


Not at all out of character for cops in a major college football town. I spent about a dozen years living within a couple of miles of the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and you wouldn't believe what their players get away with.

345 days ago


Snitches get stitches **** tmz

345 days ago


Wow, seriously F-ed up!

345 days ago

Pudding Tang    

Well now they'll just delay it till football season is over. Since it is more important for FSU to have a chance at a national championship. When there's potentially millions of dollars that could be made for the university in a national championship bowl game. #follow the money

345 days ago


To Serve and protect, Serve who and Protect what...It's no wonder people don't trust cops and it's only getting worst. I hope for the sake of the victim, They bust everyone from the top to the bottom.. WHAT A SHAME......

345 days ago


Boycott... TMZ for snitching on FSU.... When I get off of work I will forward this to all NCAAF fans....

345 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

On Novermber 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas, both, an American President and American Democracy was killed.
An evil amalgamation of "Dixie-crats" (Led by LBJ),
J. Edgar Hoover, then CIA Agent-in-Charge (Dallas) George HW Bush, The Pentagon, and
the War Industrial Complex, executed a sinister
Coup - on American soil.
With, The True and Living Yahweh as My Witness:
ALL individuals, agencies, and Corporations involved in The Coup of 1963, shall face severe
and lasting consequences. No excuses, no
exceptions, NO DEFENSES.
Dow Chemical, General Dynamics, Boeing,
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CONFIRMED: From New Jersey (Via Las Vegas), to Oklahoma, to Los Angeles, Justice is being SERVED.
The 2013 Sentence

345 days ago


and supposedly the suspect was like 5'9 to 6' or somthing. JW is 6'4"

345 days ago


Give Johnny Manziel the Heisman.

345 days ago


F*ck college football and the NCAA.. and bad cops too.. MULTI, MULTI, BILLION dollar industry.. The kids that play ball get jack **** except injuries and a chance to maybe be a pro for a couple of years.. Most never go anywhere.. Its like a modern slave trade. F*ck em..

345 days ago


Really?????? He wasnt named the starting QB until August....This even happened in December? Why would police cover up something for a backup? A guy who has never played a down in college football? Come on TMZ stop with the crazyness.....they didnt respond to you becuase you are T.....M......Z you are not relevant in the real world.....You tried to contact a police dept in a Florida town.....not LA and this isnt Kim Kardashian stick to them

345 days ago
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