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Justin Bieber

'I Would Never Trash Argentina's Flag!'

11/14/2013 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
could face prison time if officials in Argentina decide to nail him for treating the country's flag like a dirty rag at a recent concert ... but Bieber's camp tells TMZ it was never his intention to desecrate the national symbol.

During a concert in Buenos Aires on Saturday ... Bieber appeared to use his mic stand to mop the floor with a flag that had been thrown onstage by a fan ... and video of the incident continues to fuel Argentinian anger.

A rep for Justin tells TMZ ... Bieber would never, ever desecrate a flag -- and the whole thing is a giant misunderstanding.  We're told that female fans were throwing bras and t-shirts on stage -- which is pretty typical -- and Justin was merely trying to brush them off the stage so he wouldn't step on them.

As for the flag ... we're told it wasn't a flag at all ... but rather a T-shirt with the Argentine flag printed on it and Justin didn't realize the item sported the national symbol.

We spoke to diplomatic officials at embassies in Buenos Aires and in Washington ... they tell us people are PISSED by what they perceive as Justin's disrespect for Argentina. One lawyer in Cordoba has reportedly filed legal papers denouncing Bieber for "insulting the flag."

Still ... it's highly unlikely Justin will be going to jail for his actions ... there's no indication authorities will charge him -- even though desecrating the flag IS a crime in Argentina punishable by 1 to 4 years in prison.



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In his defense... (did I say that?). In all likelihood he probably couldn't tell you the name of the city he was performing in or what continent it's on , he had no idea that it was a flag--not that it would have changed his behavior, and although he's Canadian he's accustomed to the United States where the Supreme Court says desecrating a flag is perfectly legitimate. In fact anything goes--EXCEPT assaults against Jews, Muslims and gays--blacks regularly insult and assault themselves--no harm there and Christians are doormats for gays, Muslims and Jews attacks.

314 days ago

Jericho Morton    

How good can his security be? There must be one psychopathic boy-slaughterer somewhere that could torture Bieber in the most disgusting and depraved way, eat his still living and quivering flesh before liquidizing him and selling baggies on the "Dark Net"? Not one? Another gay cannibal? God told you to do it!

314 days ago


How long until his posse gets tired of apologizing for his stupidity?

314 days ago


Throw his little punk ass in jail. Hell they wont do it here.
What do Beiber and Obama have in common? Neither one seems to know anything about anything and have people who constantly excuse them for it.

314 days ago


Gawd, I hope they throw him in prison. There is not a single group whom he has not offended.

314 days ago

Black Adam    

It's always somethin' with this kid.

314 days ago


Guys check CLARIN.COM Bieber s music equipment WAS CONFISCATED under the investigation for the BRUTAL ATTACK of his security staff to a photographer and a cameraman, it svaluated in millions of dollars ...

HEY JUSTINA ... PLEASE GET BACK TO ARGENTINA ... we would loveeeee you face our law .. BTW there were tickets of 160...0 DOLLARS for meeting fans ... he refuse to meet them also

314 days ago



314 days ago

cinthya perez    

this little **** never means to do these things but he still does.

314 days ago


i hate this stupid kid...when somebody is gonna put him a astop!!!! im from argentina and he act like a totally jerk in that concert people pay alot of money and he didnt ven finish to sing... feel bad for those that pay to see that crap... never in the story of singers or bands that went to argentina none of them trash the flag they always wear on their shoulders or respect ...seriusly this kid needs a leson of life ASAP

314 days ago


we disappointed all the Beliebers Argentinas someone actually cares what he did with the flag of my country is a disgrace. Just ask respect not treated as junk we also are people like you

314 days ago

Amilcar Nani    

Devolvé la guita, Justin puto!

314 days ago


ya know what? at least he made a sincere apology over twitter. it was meaningful and you could tell he did not mean to actually do this. unlike lil wayne who PURPOSELY stomped all over the American flag and didn't bother to make a meaningful apology at all.

314 days ago

Jane Ryan    

To be honest, maybe he didn't know it was the flag. It was all crumpled up. Maybe he just thought they threw something random so he was just trying to get it out of his way? I'm not trying to defend him without knowing all the facts but maybe that's truly what happened?

314 days ago


im from argentina the law problem is because biever's bodyguards Hit a paparazzi, not for the Flag. Obviously that not one like what he do With the flag but the law problem is for aNOther thing. desecrating the flag IS NOT a crime in Argentina. wHAT A PITTY. je

why does he do the same in the last concerts? i mean he cancells them....Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, etc..

314 days ago
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