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Mark Wahlberg

I Love Tom Cruise

But He Needs to Shut Up

11/14/2013 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mark Wahlberg says he wasn't specifically targeting Tom Cruise when he railed on actors who compare their jobs to soldiers at war -- but he STILL thinks Tom needs to shut the hell up.

Wahlberg -- who was tooling around L.A. Wednesday -- said he wasn't aware Tom was the one who made the actor-soldier comparison when he blasted actors who dared feel that way at the AFI Fest Tuesday night.  Wahlberg says he's a huge Cruise fan and meant no disrespect.

But Wahlberg made it clear -- any comparison is B.S.

Talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place. Check the video.

Get this ... on the red carpet at the AFI Fest ... Mark clearly knew about Tom's depo, saying "An actor recently just said his job was almost as important or as difficult as someone in the military ... Not Cool."




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Hey at least Tom Cruise never blinded a man because he was Vietnamese, or beat kids because they were black calling them "N" as he did so. Who did those things? Mark Wahlberg.

311 days ago


Hey at least Tom Cruise never blinded a man because he was Vietnamese, or beat kids because they were black calling them "N" as he did so. Who did those things? Mark Wahlberg.

311 days ago




311 days ago


Tom, you should really shut the **** up because your time is over and you are no longer the "biggest Movie start" as you cult has promoted you to be.

311 days ago


Cruise is a closeted control freak, and Marky-Mark should be shot in the head.

Live. On TV.

311 days ago


Well I just know that all the military,make millions for going in combat,that must be what is alike right,??????how lunatic !!!!!!!!! Military men and women are our heros,plain and simple,and actors r well just actors'!!!!!!!!!!someone has a misplaced huge ego.

311 days ago


It is like this! Tom is a gay closet case and will never come out as a gay man till he is dead. But for Mark to speak up and make it clear that soldiers and actors are completely different in the same content as in a professional aspect is good patriotic appreciation for the men and women that serve this country. Parent that are away and defend this USofA leave their children and might never return.. but for Tom Cruise to say he leaves his daughter for his job is complete B.S. He returns to see her every 3 to 4 months because he chooses to be on a film set thousands of miles away from is own daughter. A USA soldier does it because of the freedoms we some Americans and that ******* Tom Cruise takes for granted. GOD BLESS THE ARMED FORCES!! and their families. Just go to hell Tom Cruise Scientology Nut.

311 days ago


Good for him if he knew Tom was the oron that said that and he is right..he need to STFU. Cruise is nuts and that cukt he belongs too feeds his ego, If he grew one millionth of an each time that cult brainwashed him to believe that he is great he wold be about 200 feet tall instead of 5'2. The cult has ruined 3 marriages for him, tunred his kids against their mother Nichole, and blackmailed everyine tio stfu about him. Cruise is a good actor but that is all he is and there is othing special about him except that a cult runs his life. Now he is making more foolish statements and burrying himself in this lawsuit that has proved that he did not see his kid for 100 days yet took his private jet to a cult meeting, GOOD for Katey.she protected her little girl in that divorce, good for her father and other lawyer that took care of business for her and planned things to make it fast and painless. I am sure the Katey loved TC but she loved her kid more and saw what the cukt did to Nichole and her attorneys made sure it didnt happen to her and Suri is no longer in that cult. Tom needs to be taken to a rehba center and brainwaed to get that cult out of his sytem.

311 days ago


Wait!!! Didn't Mark Whalberg say if he was on flight 93 on 9-11 it never would have crashed? Sounds to me like kettle met pot!

309 days ago


Tom CRUISE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!

165 days ago
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