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Zac Efron

No 911 Call

After Jaw Break

11/14/2013 6:52 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Zac Efron broke his jaw and gashed his face in what people say was a violent fall in his house after slipping in a puddle of water ... yet there was NO 911 call.

TMZ checked with law enforcement sources and no one called 911 to report any incident on Sunday -- when the injury occurred.  We checked the days prior to and after Sunday as well -- No 911 call.

The mishap is puzzling for sure.  Zac has been in rehab twice this year for cocaine abuse.  He's also had problems with Molly and we're told staying sober has been a struggle.

It's unclear how Zac made his way to the ER ... but given that the injury was so severe his mouth had to be wired shut ... it's bizarre it didn't warrant a 911 emergency.



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Your S&M Girlfriend    

What a crock!

311 days ago


smells fishy.

311 days ago


Looks like some guy kicked his ass. Perhaps his lover. Which is why he didn't want it to go public to blow his cover? Don't worry Zac the details will come out sooner than later.

311 days ago

Mick Kahler    

I can solve this mystery in 2 words. Re-lapse!

311 days ago


So? He went to the emergency room, big deal! Not every celebrity is a primadonna who needs to call 911 when they get a scratch.

311 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Believe it or not, you're only supposed to call 911 in a dire emergency, what could they do for him besides give him a ride to the hospital? He obviously found other transportation. I'm sure he's sorry he didn't call 911 so TMZ could capitalize on his situation.

311 days ago


If you play and don't pay, you get a visit from the boys.

He's lucky he can still walk. Maybe that's for the next time.

311 days ago


I don't think he slipped. I feel like he fainted/passed out which is why he wasn't able to catch himself.

311 days ago


There's a story here. One you can really sink your teeth into.

311 days ago


No, it's NOT bizarre that it didn't warrant a 911 call - he simply did not abuse the system like many ignorant, uneducated people. 911 is for when you will DIE on the way to the hospital, or are at risk for DYING on the way to the hospital. It is not for injuries. Please do not contribute to the problem of abusing the 911 system with your lack of education.

311 days ago


It figures the the tmz perverts and sissies think people need the police to handle all emergencies. Did you think maybe a friend drove him to the hospital? More drama and money to be made for tmz if the police are involved I guess.

311 days ago


Slow down conspiracy theorists. It's entirely possible he fainted, passed out or slipped, fell, & broke his jaw. I had heat exhaustion years ago & dropped & passed out in my bathroom, smashing my mouth on the tile floor. I only cracked a spot in my jaw that required a dental implant. I'll give the benefit of the doubt, until something more concrete surfaces...

311 days ago


my neighbors son got his hand & jaw broke in a fight, she didnt call an ambulance, she drove him to the hospital. ambulances should only be used for true emergencies.

311 days ago


non story and much speculation - I broke my foot in freak accident - didn't feel the need to call police and emt's - as an adult, was able to get to the hospital myself.

311 days ago


why would there be a 911 call? just because someone is hurt doesnt mean they cant load up and take their self to the hospital. he obviously wasnt dying. a 911 call would mean send an ambulance. sometimes its quicker to hop in the car and go. all the ambulance people would of done was stop the bleeding. they couldnt set the jaw there..they wouldnt of stitched him up there. if the bleeding was stopped and they felt they could reach the hospital quicker then why wait for an ambulance to get there and say ok the bleeding is stopped now climb in to our vehicle so we can take you.

311 days ago
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