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Alec Baldwin

Bangs into Car, Chews Out Reporter

11/15/2013 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Alec Baldwin
just got into his THIRD angry confrontation today -- screaming at a female reporter, demanding cops arrest her ... and then hitting a parked car while trying to drive away.

It's unclear exactly what set off Alec this time -- but his car was surrounded by reporters and photographers ... and he yells, "F**k you" to one reporter as he storms away and jumps in his car.  

Watch the clip -- after the accident ... Alec wants cops to arrest the reporter he's got the beef with, but as far as we know no one was arrested.

This is getting crazy.

12:15 PM PT -- Now we know why Alec went after the reporter ... his wife, Hilaria, dropped a dime. Watch this clip from FOX5 in NYC, at the very beginning you hear Hilaria say, "That's the one that almost hit me" -- and then Alec goes off.


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Someone is gonna end up dead behind all this and you can bet people still won't be satisfied.

289 days ago

Ron Fing Swanson    

That lady would be beat Baldwin like he stole something, he's a buffoon

289 days ago


Hilaria gets turned on by Alec's aggression because she is a narcissistic fame whore, otherwise why would she marry this crazy idiot? She is egging this on by pointing out the female reporter CrazyA** Alec wanted to press charges against. He shouldn't have a job and should be boycotted.

289 days ago

Marcia O    

i think the photog should let him be. The man has had a rough week with all these court cases and everything u know, and sometimes they all have personal issues, and i think the photog is just being unfair here.

289 days ago


Big macho man! Get a life. Your pathetic wife was not hurt or threatened. You are just a mean arrogant man.

288 days ago


they need to do it to the paps have them and there familys followed and photo'd every where. Paps are the lowest skum on earth worse then a some one smoking drywall because he thinks its crack. worse then a child molester. paps and the dogs of earth

288 days ago


they didnt show the beginning but he went off on the blonde because his wife told him that shes the one that almost broke her jaw. oh hilaria, you're hilarious. her mic was no far away from your jaw. enjoy your infamy with your pig of a husband because in a little while, he will turn on you. you'll be on the other end of this and will be back to riding the subway and living and taking the subway.

288 days ago


Now, see, I watch this video -- and I'm a journalist -- and I sympathize with Baldwin. Look how close these people get to him and his wife. His wife is generally the one who asks him to walk away from this stuff and forbear. But in this instance, she points out the careless blonde who apparently literally hit her with a microphone the prior day. These people are careless -- the journalists, I mean. They cause real harm. He asks them to back up because he's about to pull his car out, and one can see they didn't. For no better proof, look at the two camera angles capturing Baldwin grazing the car in front of him in both clips. Both these cameramen are so close Baldwin can't even pull his car out properly. These idiots (yes: the journalists) couldn't even get out of the way so he could get his car out. The guy was leaving, and yet they are STILL all over him, like ants at a picnic. I hope he does press charges against the blonde. Everyone knows the vapid on-location TV "talent" is just The Worst.

288 days ago


I think I'd be quite pissed whenever I went out in public with or without my family if I had to bust through a sea of papparazi armed with cameras and shouting in my face. They keep harassing the man and taunting him every time he steps foot out of the comfort and safety of his home. Alec fights back the only way he knows how to get these leeches off his back and out of his face. I'm not condoning his name calling, but what's he gonna do short of using pepper spray on them or spraying them with a water gun?

288 days ago



288 days ago


what a douchbag

288 days ago

Jonathan Gifford    

Live your life with a hundred cameras all over you (and their harassing handlers) and see how you react.

288 days ago


I wonder who will be the first celebrity to kill a paparazzo

288 days ago

Lou Valentino    

Alan and his wife should remain out of the public eye as much as possible. They need to spend time together doing yoga and take a deeeeeeeeeeep breath. He can color his hair and get soooo relaxed from a yoga session and just stay away from the reproters that love it when he blows up. Stay away from the public......

288 days ago


wow TMZ does "not know" what set him off ...LOL so your story is the same as the one Obama is trying to pull this week have no way of knowing what he was mad about , what he was raving about , who he attacked or why ...

288 days ago
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