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Alec Baldwin

Suspended by MSNBC

Apologizes for Homophobic Rant

11/15/2013 5:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Alec Baldwin has one less place to rant ... MSNBC suspended the actor from his talk show for hurling homophobic slurs -- and he's finally admitting what he said was "offensive."

Baldwin released a statement saying ... "I did not intend to hurt or offend anyone with my choice of words, but clearly I have – and for that I am deeply sorry."

Baldwin's issued his apology after MSNBC announced it was yanking his weekly show off the air tonight and next Friday.

Alec seems to be rationalizing his rage though, saying ... "What I said and did this week, as I was trying to protect my family, was offensive and unacceptable."

Baldwin originally claimed he yelled, "c**ksucking fathead" ... instead of "c**ksucking f*g" ... while chasing a photographer on Thursday. 

In his apology Baldwin concedes, "Words are important. I understand that, and will choose mine with great care going forward.  Behavior like this undermines hard-fought rights that I vigorously support."


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all three people will miss watching his show.

306 days ago


MSNBC should have dumped this raving lunatic for good!!! This guy needs to go away and stay there! Hopefully karma will visit him soon!!!!!!

306 days ago


I wish people would stop apologizing. He meant what he said, I'd have more respect for him if he would just own it.

306 days ago


My favorite part about the Alec Baldwin story is when he realizes he needs to placate the gay community and clarify his rant, especially since this is hardly the first time he's been caught spewing homophobic diatribes.

So he clarifies by saying: "I didn't say ****-sucking ***! I would never say ***! That's a horrible word, blah blah blah, I said ****-sucking FATHEAD."

When I read this online yesterday I snorted so loud that I woke my dog from her hourly 57 minute nap. "****-sucking FATHEAD." Yeah, that works. That's totally believable.

Kind of like the time I called my ex-friend a ****-faced meanie. Or my last boss an ass-licking mother-****ing poo poo brain. I mean come on, Alec, if you are going to lie to us, at least put some effort into it. "****-sucking" and "fathead" work about as well together as vodka and milk or Leann and Eddie.

I think you should have said you shouted "****sucking FLAG" and passed it off as a protest against drone strikes. That lie would have at least been entertaining and thought-provoking.

306 days ago


I actually liked his show.

306 days ago


Oh boo hoo. Like NBC didn't know what he was from the beginning. Enough of this piece of garbage already. He's not sorry. He feels he is entitled to do, say and act however he wants, because he is one of the "special" people of the world. What a jerk.

306 days ago


When I was kid we all learned "sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me". People just like to fight and then sue for damages. Sure name calling isn't nice, but who hasn't been called a name at some time. Walk away and chalk it up to their being welllll an idiot *L*

306 days ago


Two weeks...REALLY?? How is it he always gets a slap on the wrist and then a week later he spews something again and then another slap or just total ignoring what he says??

306 days ago


I don't know what msnbc was thinking in the first place. I watched the first 2 and sat there wondering WTF....Not a good show at all. Cancel it msnbc.

306 days ago


the comment was not homophobic. it was idiotic.

306 days ago


When's this homophobic, holier-than-thow ******** going to be fired and shunned by the same Hollywood *******s that claim to deplore his behavior?

306 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

i mean it's very 'choosing favorites' when you have one side, the whole ol' liberal pro-gay, pro-liberal' agenda coming at you from all sides with all their hate, and publicly, there is no recourse for defense against this. like if you are anti gay, you are autmatically declassified as a 'moral human being' and are thrown to the lions. you can't expect someone with a more or less conservative worldview to simply take the 'liberal beating' from all sides, and just keep their trap shut. when mass media is so unbelievably one sided, you basically force everyone into a uniform opinion, where independent thinking is seen as 'lack of intelligence'. of course those who will hold onto their ideals and values that counter the general set of ideas is going to lash out eventually, causing such outbursts as calling people fhaggits or whatnot. it's totally psycho that these people are punished twice for holding on to their own set or 'morals' or values, and for 'non-conforming' with collective ideals or 'morals' which may oppose theirs. he should not have been suspended, and he should not have to apologize for responding in frustration towards collective force of conversion into a 'new set of norms'.

306 days ago


I thought liberals were supposed to be so tolerant! Not so much, I guess.

306 days ago


Wait, let me get this straight the station who had every host giggle every time one of them said - and still do - "******gers" (which is a homo slur as that is where the term originated) and says the most hateful things about Christians daily, and finally gets mad at someone for saying "co^ks%cker"? Oh the liberal hypocrisy is just incredible. Maybe bill maher will stand up for him and tell his boss she's a "****" because THAT seems to be acceptable to liberals who knew he did it but shut their mouths tighter than Scarily Clintons va jay jay (come on, who not a lesbian, would touch that? Seriously? She wasn't even almost good looking when she was young - the Clintons sure did, hands down, have the fugliest offspring of any president ever that's for sure)

306 days ago

Just My Opinion    

Oh, for God sake, there are by far worse things said than the N word to people. Why isn't F* U more offensive? Also, people say GD it, and that is offensive to those that believe in God, but people don't make a big deal about that than the frickin stupid N word that ANY RACE can be called!!

306 days ago
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