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Alec Baldwin

Suspended by MSNBC

Apologizes for Homophobic Rant

11/15/2013 5:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Alec Baldwin has one less place to rant ... MSNBC suspended the actor from his talk show for hurling homophobic slurs -- and he's finally admitting what he said was "offensive."

Baldwin released a statement saying ... "I did not intend to hurt or offend anyone with my choice of words, but clearly I have – and for that I am deeply sorry."

Baldwin's issued his apology after MSNBC announced it was yanking his weekly show off the air tonight and next Friday.

Alec seems to be rationalizing his rage though, saying ... "What I said and did this week, as I was trying to protect my family, was offensive and unacceptable."

Baldwin originally claimed he yelled, "c**ksucking fathead" ... instead of "c**ksucking f*g" ... while chasing a photographer on Thursday. 

In his apology Baldwin concedes, "Words are important. I understand that, and will choose mine with great care going forward.  Behavior like this undermines hard-fought rights that I vigorously support."


No Avatar


alec needs to stay in his hair dressers closet!

320 days ago


Unfortunately, it is a virtual guarantee you will not be able to keep your promise to choose your words more carefully in the future. You are a really talented jackass.

320 days ago

Comment king     

What he said was wrong. What he did to the Papparazzi was wrong as well. He has experience enough to know better. His apology was well said and it was good enough for me.

320 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Has anyone heard from Capital One? I suppose their silence indicates that they approve and endorse his behavior and feelings towards gays and human beings. In fact, I think you could safely assume that Capital One hates f*gs, just like Alex does.

320 days ago


How many times will he apologize before everyone realizes his apologies mean absolutely nothing? Can't we just decide to not consider him "famous" anymore?

320 days ago

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320 days ago


crazy ranting lunatic...but talented actor

320 days ago


Zynga should cancel his Words With Friends log in

320 days ago


kenny miles shot himself in the arm in columbia south carollina.claimed a white man did it.turned out he lied.crickets from the if kenny was white and said a black did it and it turned out to be a lie.they would be marching wanting him under the jail house.double standards by gays and blacks

320 days ago


He will be contrite for about a week and then go back to his usual rants.
His wife eggs him on with this stuff too, pointing out into the crowd of media who was mean to her etc..
she knows he is going to go off on someone over it

320 days ago


him, charlie sheen and toronto mayor rob ford all such big loud mouths yappin and yappin trouble for their own selves all the time.

320 days ago


Leftist garbage. Why doesn't somebody stand up to his 50+ year old ass and beat the **** out of him??

320 days ago


The height of hypocrisy. Paula Dean admits to using the "n" word years ago and she's crucified and fired from her network. Alex Baldwin is only suspended for 2 shows and he'll be back threatening violence, bullying, name calling and lying.

At least Paula Dean was honest, didn't lie about it and took responsibility -- whereas Baldwin is STILL the darling of the GLADD and his openly gay hairdresser.

Go figure...

320 days ago


Funny how the story changes once he gets hit in the $$$$$$$$! Cancel the show. Get rid of him.

320 days ago

Just Guessing    

Was surprised when I learned MSNBC even hired him for a show. He has always been a loose cannon in more ways than one. Remember his phone call to his daughter? The man has real anger issues that go way beyond the words he chooses to use. Would hate to be his wife or anyone that crosses him. He's a powder keg with a very short fuse (which could be why he's so frustrated and angry all the time). .

320 days ago
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