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Andy Kaufman's Last GF

He's Dead Dead Dead Dead

... I Watched Him Die

11/15/2013 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Andy Kaufman
is dead as a doornail and he's NOT coming back, so says his last girlfriend -- who tells TMZ, she watched him die ... and the self-proclaimed "daughter" who revealed herself this week is a big fat phony.

56-year-old Lynne Margulies tells us, she was present inside the West Hollywood hospital room when Kaufman passed away in 1984 from a rare form of lung cancer. She was there, and she insists she saw him die with her own eyes.

She says, "I was in the hospital room. I was there. They would have had to switch bodies."

Lynne is convinced the 24-year-old woman who claimed she was Kaufman's daughter this week at the Gotham Comedy Club is just "pulling an Andy" and trying to perpetuate the myth that the comic's still alive.

111313_andy_koffman_daughter_launchLynne believes Andy's brother Michael -- who was hosting the 9th Annual Andy Kaufman Awards when the mystery woman stepped forward -- is in on it too.

Lynne says she knows Andy's REAL daughter Maria, who's in her 40s, and insists Andy has no other children.

If that's not enough, we've also obtained Andy's official L.A. County death record, which lists his date of death as May 16, 1984.

So now we'll ask again ...




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Johnny Spork    

Lynne is protecting Andy, like she always did, because he did it for a reason and values his privacy. I still want to know exactly how Michael found out where his brother was from a note passed to him in 1999, when he waited at a place and time directed by Andy in some papers he found going through his things after he passed. The other part of it is, how did he convince someone to go on stage and say they were Andy's daughter if he WAS lying? And why would Michael do it? He's not really the prankster type. And if he's alive and Lynne really doesn't know it, she needs to talk to Michael so we can figure out exactly what has transpired here, or something.

...Sorry about the rant guys, but I'm an obsessive Kaufman fan and I've followed this with GREAT interest. I say we get a DNA test between the "alleged" daughter and Kaufman's closest surviving relatives to see if it matches up, if he's really not able to reveal himself because OBVIOUSLY what he did is illegal, you know, unless you're in witness protection. Oh, hypocrisy!

309 days ago


If Andy were still alive; and he did indeed fake his death, I bet he would send a fake daughter to an event like this. Andy's brother said the woman claiming to be his daughter wasn't working alone perpetrating this 'hoax.' Who orchestrated this whole ruse, perhaps Andy Kaufman himself? I doubt Andy would 'return' in a manner/way that people would expect. His whole career was destroying/transforming expectations into something new, something funny/strange. (I still think he is 100% dead; I just really wish he wasn't. He was a special gift to us all from the comedic/ha-ha gods.) Andy was always 'one step ahead' of our pedestrian logic.

309 days ago


Can no one do basic math here. I am 28 and was born in 1985, if this chick is 24 there is no way she can be his kid if he died in 84!

309 days ago


This was already revealed as a joke and the so called daughter is an acting student. Not sure wy its being debated still?

309 days ago


She looks like him, but a quick trip to the Maury show could straighten it out bwhahahaha

309 days ago


Andy has already come "Michael" Kaufman.

309 days ago


If anyone would have tried to fake his own death, it would have been Kaufman. But I don't think he is still alive; he would have come back by now (at the 20th anniversary of his "death"; and he DIDN'T.) What is so interesting to me is how people talk about him now. Back in the 1970's, Kaufman was very much an "acquired taste." His act was avant garde---very cutting edge. Most people didn't understand him and therefore didn't find think he was funny. He is best remembered for playing "Latka" on Taxi; a role Andy hated playing since the show was so mainstream, and he was anything but. The real Andy Kaufman was fascinated with manipulating audience perception. I can honestly say that there is absolutely NO ONE like him, then or now.

307 days ago


Is Alexandra pled girl her TRUE father a psychologist based on NYC Michael Kaufman.. LET ANDY also LEAVE ..I ask the question how as well people can have believed during one second as Andy was alive? I like stories which are not stupid but amusing

307 days ago


Is Alexandra pled girl her TRUE father a psychologist based on NYC Michael Kaufman LET ANDY also LEAVE I ask the question how as well people can have believed during one second as Andy was alive? I like stories which are not stupid but amusing

307 days ago


He's not listed on the Social Security Death Index. No matter how many different search congifurations are done. Curious.

307 days ago


if Andy were alive surely he would have let his family know even if he had to be reclusive. for the whole thing andy proably had planned out before his death including that lady saying she is his daughter. andy is laughing his head offf.

307 days ago

Pete the Geek    

I think that this so-called "last girlfriend" is FAKE. If she really was Andy's girlfriend, she would have understood the joke and played along. So I'm calling FAKE on the girlfriend, which means that the daughter is likely genuine and... Andy really could still be alive!!!

304 days ago
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