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'House of Lies' Shooting

Gang Ringleader

We Shot 'Cause They Disrespected Us

11/18/2013 10:12 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One of the guys involved in the "House of Lies" shooting tells TMZ ...  his crew only fired shots to teach the production a lesson about respect ... but they never put lives in real danger.

The gang's head honcho -- named simply P -- says he and fellow members felt disrespected by producers who benefited from the location but failed to give back by donating to the community.

He's also adamant ... they didn't shoot AT anybody ... only in the air.

The gang member adds, "It would be different if they (producers) went there and helped out my hood ... but they want to use it to make a million and not give us s**t."  

P says, "F**k that" adding "we let them muthaf***as be shook for a minute and sweat ... but they left with a real feeling of what it's like in the projects."


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Oh yeah.......So that makes it alright.

337 days ago


I think his statement basically translates to...''Ya shoulda paid ME and my homies to use our hood! Then ya woulda been safe from the crazy @$$ gangbangers.''

337 days ago


What a moron. Filming there would have help his community but he just nipped that in the bud. Take it from places like New Orleans hard hit areas now being used form MANY major films. They are helping the community by bring much needed business to hard hit areas. Giving jobs to locals through opportunities to work in the filming as background and some even have the luck of using there experience to train in areas of production. His poor baby feelings just hurt his neighborhood guaranteeing lost business for local businesses and residents who could have been hired to work on the project. This was probably more an issue of PAs asking the crowd to quiet down so instead of complying they wanted to act the a$$ and make more of a scene for their boys. This is why Hollywood South is growing, why celebrities are moving to New Orleans and surrounding area. Please keep on destroying California by doing that you are helping hard hit and poorer areas of New Orleans and South Lousiana who were ravaged by Katrina. One things is for sure the gangs here aren't as dumb as the ones there seem to be.

337 days ago

Tiffany Smith    

Ignorance I understand his point but he could have peacefully protested bullets have no eyes someone could have been seriously hurt

337 days ago


I'd like to know what this POS contributes to his community? And if he's going to walk around his community armed he should at least do it intelligently. Bullets fired into the air don't just waft harmlessly back down to earth. They come down hard enough to do serious damage if they hit someone. How could he possibly think he'd know where it was going to come down and that no one would be in that spot when it did? Complete moron.

337 days ago


no they left knowing what most everyone else cant help a bunch of hudlum ******s

337 days ago


I grew up in South Central, what a stupid reason for shooting in the air -- wonder where the bullet goes once it's reached it destination in the sky? Comes right back down, perhaps right in the ass of the person who did the shooting. What a bunch of idiots.

337 days ago


This thing called "Respect" has a little karma attached to it. In other words... those gang bangers have their day coming.

337 days ago


Since when do people living in Gov't Section 8 housing have the right to push hard-working citizens around? They need to drop the guns and try filling out a job application.

337 days ago


I understand bieber was disrespecting the boyz. they need to take a drive north

337 days ago

Tammy LM    

Give what back to the damn community????? Free Crack rocks and Meth for everyone???!!! Because that's all people in those "hoods" want, or care about anyway. What an uneducated, animalistic, ignorant, lazy, useless little thug!

You've got free education there at their disposal. They wont go. You've got youth centers there for structure, and they'd rather shoot them up and use it to sell their drugs to children. They rob their own businessess all the time. They steal anything they want. They refuse to work for a living washing dishes, flipping burgers, cleaning floors, putting up stock, checking groceries like every other hard working american because they think a 9 to 5 job is "beneith" them. They'd rather run with illegal guns, illegal drugs, sell illegal drugs that poison innocent children, jack people who earn their stuff for a living, and kill each other over primitive neighborhood territorial damn apes. That's exactly what it boils down to. They're all like damn wild monkeys. All of them. These gang thugs all need to just kill each other off and good riddence to the whole putred lot of them. They're nothing but lazy, animals. They've got no morals, no self respect, no respect for authority, the law, or anyone else. No pride. No dignity. No worth. Only ignorance and a gift of being hated by everyone who has to share the same atmosphere with them. To hell with all of them. Throw them ALL in jail. Every last one of them. Back to this little moron though..... all he did was prove just how much of a waste his whole entire neighborhood and community is. Now everyone just knows a little further that his "hood" aint worth saving. Nice one...junior. Moron.

337 days ago


I'm guessing "P" doesn't stand for Professor. Can someone please translate what this idiot said?

337 days ago


this is the icing on the cake of a crazy news day.

337 days ago


Lets talk about respect.

First of all you belong to a gang and have NO respect for societies rules or even basic ettiquette suggestions. YOU fired shots in your neighborhood, YOU sell drugs to your neighbors, YOU do NOT pay taxes on your income, YOU are the people selling drugs to our children, to your NEIGHBORHOOD children, YOU are the ones with the guns, YOU people are the one's doing the drive by shootings, YOU are the ones that live with your girlfriend who is on public assistance, you eat off of her food stamps and your children, if you have any are covered under state paid medical, dental and eye insurance. (Which is a lot better than 80% of American's insurance coverage. We have monthly payments as well as co-pays and deductibles.) Your girlfriend and her children get it all 100% free! Most of you don't even claim the children for fear of child support payments.

WHO is it that doesn't have any respect? I think you better wake up and see that society isn't disrespecting you, you are disrespecting us. The company that made this movie certainly paid HEFTY permit fees and other fees to film on location. Did you really expect them to hand you some money too? Seems to me you just like to let everyone know who runs that neighborhood. GROW UP!! By firing shot into the air or anywhere for that matter, all you did was give free publicity to this movie, people are talking about this, so the producers really thank you on that one.

This movie will most likely let people from the suburbs get a glimpse into what these neighborhoods are really like. This also generates charities that help. But that is not what you want. You don't want the community to thrive. You want to control it. If the community thrives, it gets stronger, tougher, and it starts to drive you out!!

God oh God WHY can't we all just get along????

Oh that's right. Because YOU refuse to RESPECT anything and play by the rules. Seriously, even games have rules. There are there for a reason! Knock Knock Pudding Head.

337 days ago


Yeah like your dumbass gives back to your neighborhood.. You take away from your neighborhood when you commit all those thefts, burglaries, robberies, and auto thefts. You are so ignorant to think that you are helping your neighborhood and giving back to your community

337 days ago
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