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Kanye West

Dear Mr. President ...

Keep My Name & Kim's Outta Your Mouth

11/18/2013 10:08 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West is slapping a ban on President Obama ... or at least all conversations about him as retaliation for the Prez calling Yeezy a "jackass."

Kanye's latest rant aired this morning on 107.9 FM in Philly. The hosts asked him about Obama's infamous comment ... and Kanye angrily responded, "I don't care if your're the president. I bring joy to people."

Kanye goes on to explain why he won't be talking about that guy in the White House anymore. Watch the tirade .. It's definitely arrogant, but also a little funny.

Kanye added that Obama better not talk about Kim Kardashian either, saying ... he "shouldn't mention my baby mama name, 'cause we both from Chicago."

Mr. President, you've been warned.


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This jackass should put a cork in it while he still can.

348 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Dummy, you ARE A J-ass, and even though it is sad to say, your baby mama is a porn star, and a nasty one at that. The President and everyone else has a right to express the truth,that you all are not role-models. Here you are thinking you are Jesus, trying to make yourself more important than you are. Your low sales are because of YOUR DOINGS, and you can name the people you make happy on one hand. We are not the one's who taught you to be rude, nor put a sex tape out for money.
If you want to turn your lives around, stop trying to show your wealth and let the people see you and Kim being the best parents around. It is strange how photogs got pictures from above you when you were in a place that means nothing to most. You and Kim are NOT so important that you are watched from the air as well as the ground. You can turn things around and show the world you are NOT a Jackass. Now take care of business, Jackass.

348 days ago


A self proclaimed genius taking a stab at a white house hornets nest. This could get interesting ..

348 days ago


Trust me nobody wants to talk about ur homo ass Kayne, you scare nobody *****, and ur girl is a hoe. Enjoy wearing a mattress on ur back so u won't fall into that big, hairy ,smelly Armenian beaver, enjoy it dick lick.

348 days ago


Is someone squeezing his balls while he speaks? He's a bit squeaky. Wow he's a dumbass! Seriously cannot stand him!!

348 days ago



348 days ago


It IS a threat to POTUS, even when done in "jest." Methinks Mr. West might not have been joking.

348 days ago


That's a threat! JAIL HIM!

348 days ago


What a dumb ass

348 days ago


Jacka$$ jacka$$ jacka$$

348 days ago

bad mon    

you're a ***got kanye no one care about you... gold digger??? you married the biggest one you king clown ***got

348 days ago


So, Kanye has the right to jump up on a stage, interrupt an awards show, and express his thoughts when he chooses, but the President does not have that same right?? Kanye graduated from West Aurora High School in Chicago. I bet they wish they could take that diploma back after hearing him speak.

348 days ago


Poor baby someone talking bad about you.
Stop being a jack-off and no one will talk about you.

348 days ago


he sounds just as bad as Mike Tyson, like a buffoon!!

348 days ago


West, you are really getting beside yourself. Read my dam lips. The president of the united states can destory your career. Becareful how you push...

348 days ago
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