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Kanye West

Dear Mr. President ...

Keep My Name & Kim's Outta Your Mouth

11/18/2013 10:08 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West is slapping a ban on President Obama ... or at least all conversations about him as retaliation for the Prez calling Yeezy a "jackass."

Kanye's latest rant aired this morning on 107.9 FM in Philly. The hosts asked him about Obama's infamous comment ... and Kanye angrily responded, "I don't care if your're the president. I bring joy to people."

Kanye goes on to explain why he won't be talking about that guy in the White House anymore. Watch the tirade .. It's definitely arrogant, but also a little funny.

Kanye added that Obama better not talk about Kim Kardashian either, saying ... he "shouldn't mention my baby mama name, 'cause we both from Chicago."

Mr. President, you've been warned.


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Guess he hasn't seen SNL yet....

341 days ago


DRAMMA QUEEN... Does this guy ever have anything positive to say.....I have yet to see an interview where he has anything good to say about anything...Dude you just had a baby, just got engaged, I'm sure you can have things others can only dream about.. But all you do is YAP YAP YAP bout some bull**** that..They say Happy Wife Happy Life..You seem to have none...

341 days ago


Mr. Magoo you and that slut you call wife are nothing but s***!

341 days ago


Jeez...he can't even pronounce words correctly. Hes just an *******... period. Nothing he will ever sing, say or do will ever convince me of that. He's the epiome of someone being a legend in their own mind.

341 days ago


Threatening the President? That's just moronic!

341 days ago


West just doesn't stop. No big deal, just like the Kardashians, tripping over all their "self-proclaimed" delusional big mouths and egos.

Publically, hysterically laughed at. Slammed all over the net. And yet, they just keep on coming.

341 days ago


Hey Kanye, I will mention your girlfriend's name - Kim Lardassian.

341 days ago


I can't stand this arrogant, talentless, stupid ****! His mother must be rolling over in her grave from the way he acts these day. I can't wait for the day a reporter beats the **** out of him and Alec Baldwin!

341 days ago


He is an idiot cause that sounded like a threat to me. He keeps thinking he's somebody important for real he is gonna get a rude awakening.

341 days ago

Detective. LaToya    

He's a loser. Mad cause even the president thinks he's a jackass. His mother must be disgusted. "my baby mama's name". Wow how proud to say such a think. No wonder Jay-Z doesn't want anything to do with him now.

341 days ago

Detective. LaToya    

Someone should count how many times he says "me" and "I" in his interviews.

341 days ago

Rusty Shackleford    

hey Kanye, the National Association of Brain Damaged Retards called. they said thank you for making them all look like geniuses.

341 days ago

kc 863    

Hes an idiot look how meny times hes made and ass out of himself ,i read a magazine wher he compaired himself to 25 people all the greats in music . God being one he should be arested he thinks hes higher,better then anyone hes a stuck up little bitch! And his music is nothing like dre **** he cant beat Eminem eather . personality goes a long way.I dont see what kim even sees in his stuck up ass!

341 days ago


Not a brain in that room.

341 days ago


I don't know everything about Kimmode but she was born in Chicago? Oh and Kayne is so desperate to let that little inner diva out... I feel so sorry for poor Seaweed and the outfits he will put her in....

341 days ago
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