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Lindsay Lohan

Drugs & Booze & Rehab

In 'Eastbound & Down' Cameo

11/18/2013 7:22 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

**SPOILER ALERT ( ... there, you've been warned) **

Lindsay Lohan went to Promises rehab center during her big time cameo on HBO's "Eastbound & Down" last night ... only this time, LiLo wasn't the one who needed the help, for once.

We broke the story ... Lohan shot her cameo months ago and was sworn to silence, since her role was a big part of the series finale of the show.

But last night, as we all said goodbye to Kenny Powers ... Lindsay (who played his adult daughter roughly 20 years in the future) waited for her dear old junkie dad as he emerged from the Promises rehab center ... the same place Lindsay sought treatment in real life in 2007.

It didn't really work for Lindsay ... she ended up going back to another rehab center in 2013.

As for Kenny -- hasta la vista, Flama Blanca.


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Its Nikki Bitches    


Brrrrr its cold this morning.....just saw a penguin swimming in my pool

303 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    


“Hi Ms. Lohan, I’m Darren! I’m the intern assigned to make sure you don’t snort all the prop drugs on set! And it looks like I’m too late. Well, nice meeting you!”

The 4th and final season of HBOs Eastbound & Down came to a close last night with another Kenny Powers death (Oh ****, SPOILERS! Sorry!) told in a narrated flash-forward that let’s us see Kenny and April’s children, Toby and Shayna, all grown up and played by Alexander Skarsgård (in a Cousin Larry wig) and Lindsay Lohan. It turns out everything is a dream and Kenny is just writing his memoirs or something, which explains him casting the role of his daughter with Lindsay Lohan, aka the only person alive who could drink and do more drugs than Kenny Powers (“I’ll try my best” – Lindsay Lohan).

I don’t mean to be a Skeptical Sally (I’m really more of a Crackpot Conspiracy Carol) but I’m not sure the woman in this clip is actually Lindsay Lohan. “Lindsay Lohan” is practically shorthand now for ‘Don’t ask me to go by your clock, because I work on my own time, and in my world it’s always Quarter to Nap‘ so there’s no realistic way they’d be able to get her on set, film not one, but several scenes, have her appear semi-sober, all within a 9-week time span. With that being said, I believe there are two explanations for what we’re seeing here:

Theory #1: Some kind of Lord of the Rings performance-capture green-screen ****. “Lindsay Lohan” could actually be no more than expensive computer animation and Andy Serkis in a bus-stop weave.

Theory #2: A Weekend at Bernie’s situation. A Ziploc freezer bag filled with Ambien is sent over to Lohan’s apartment; then, an out-cold Lindsay is brought to set and production interns are assigned to puppeteering her limbs.

Either theory can also be supported with her lack of dialogue. Not speaking a word means either she couldn’t memorize any lines (possible) or they couldn’t get anyone to drink enough lighter fluid to imitate her voice with any kind of precision.

And yes, Theory #2 was tested and supported through repeated observations on the set of The Canyons.

303 days ago


She wears vaneers to cover up the bad teeth..wierd thing about that pic is only two teeth looked burned. I would say crack pipe.

303 days ago


Love that the patriots got screwed over last night..way to go panthers. Next week denver plays patriots..broncos are going to destroy them

303 days ago


Danny mcbride has just changed his phone number and got a standby and undated.and beefed up security.

303 days ago


According to the paparazzo, the man Lohan identified as Matt caught up to him eventually and offered to pay him $1,000 for the video. The photographer declined and used the phone to call police instead. Authorities arrived a short time later, but, according to the photographer, declined to further investigate the brouhaha.

Read more:

This is costing Orca BIG money, this is just ONE incident

303 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Flea, going on twitter now. Do you know who I am??

303 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    


LMFAOROTF!!! This should make Oprah real happy!!

Lindsay Lohan goes nuts filming Oprah show

Lindsay Lohan was shooting her reality show for OWN late Sunday, when photogs spotted her and began snapping away on a SoHo street. LiLo went crazy when one started filming her on his phone.

She instructed her minions to grab his phone, then once they realized he had them doing that on camera, they offered him $1,000 on the spot for the phone. He said no, called the police and Lohan got out of there fast, as soon as they were called.

They arrived shortly after and the photographer did not press charges, but wants to know what LiLo’s problem is. He adds that she was in a nasty mood.

303 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

@Flea, gotta get nails, pedi and all that other fun girlie stuff done. Be back around 1pm. Sent a DM to a friend that might help me figure you out on twitter :)

303 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

WOW!!! After watching Lohan's 16 seconds on screen stitched together from another site I have to tell you I am psyched as Hell!!!
Ii am now awaiting all her other projects that she has been talking about the last couple years or so:
> Lady Gaga video for her latest album!!! That will be SO HOTTTTTT!!! Wait, you said the album is already out???? That Gaga is an ungrateful slut.
> The Gotti Bio-pic. That will be just incredible - Lilo will really be able to stretch those acting chops . . . what? Cancelled? THOSE BASTARDS.
> MOST IMPORTANT - The movie that Woodie Allen is making and Lindsay is STARRING in. Face it, She's a comedic genius, her turn at the beginning of Scary Movie was incredible!!! I can't wait until next years Oscars when that hack Jennifer Lawrence is expecting another undeserved Oscar and they call our precious Lilo up onto the stage.
Yep, things are looking up for our precious Lilo . . . stardom, she is on her way back!!!!

303 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    


R. E. Warner ‏@belovedleader 3h
Wait, listen. Hear that? It's safe to come out now. Lindsay Lohan is over.

303 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Whoever is on right now, stay here got some good ones for you BRB

303 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Here's the truth on what happened with the Paps and what a 2 year old "The Junkie" really is

VH1 Celebrity ‏@VH1Celebrity 3h
WHO did Lindsay Lohan start a FIGHT with?! --> #GossipTable

I love how they laugh at Oprah's little reality show

303 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Still searching Daily News for the video

She may not have any Oscars on her résumé, but Lindsay Lohan can certainly turn on the drama when she’s in front of a camera.
LiLo’s latest performance came early Sunday evening when an off-duty paparazzi, out shoe-shopping in SoHo, spotted Lohan being trailed by an Oprah Winfrey Network camera crew filming a reality show about the troubled actress.
Having left his professional photo gear in his nearby apartment, the shutterbug decided to pull out his phone and capture some video of his own.
“I see her walking and I was like, ‘Oh my God,” said the veteran photographer, who spoke with Confidenti@l under the condition of anonymity. “She was walking, she was taking video with her crew, she’s posing, whatever … Then when they saw me the crew was like, ‘Stop filming, stop filming.’ ”
Then Lohan herself got involved, said the lensman.
“She started yelling, ‘You’re invading my personal space.’ ”
Scroll down to see Marianne Garvey's discussion on Lohan's escapade on VH1's "Gossip Table."
Mobile users can click here to see the VH1 'Gossip Table' video report


Oprah Winfrey's network is producing a reality show about the troubled starlet.

Lohan’s camp began packing up equipment and LiLo got into a waiting car, from which she allegedly ordered her minions into action.
“She told her assistant to grab my phone,” said the shell-shocked shutterbug. “Someone from her show grabbed for my phone and I said, ‘What are you doing?’”
The photog says Lohan was calling for an assistant named Matt to confiscate the device, but it was a woman with the crew who tried to wrestle it away.
“Matt grab his f—ing phone!” Lohan screamed from the backseat. “Now I’m mad.”
Eventually Lohan’s car took off down Mercer St., leaving “Matt” to chase the photographer down the street as he continued shooting video.
“I wasn’t upset or nothing till they tried to assault me” by grabbing his phone, says the photog.
He claims that’s when his video — shot on a public street — became evidence of a crime.
According to the paparazzo, the man Lohan identified as Matt caught up to him eventually and offered to pay him $1,000 for the video. The photographer declined and used the phone to call police instead. Authorities arrived a short time later, but, according to the photographer, declined to further investigate the brouhaha.
An NYPD spokesman had no knowledge of the incident.
Reps for Winfrey and Lohan did not respond to calls for comment.
Lohan’s upcoming show do***ents her efforts to return to stardom, or at least normalcy, after half a dozen stints in rehab. Its eight-episode run will begin in early 2014.

303 days ago


Dammit. I can't find the footage that was shot on the evil paparazzi's iPhone of Linds having a violent temper tantrum and commanding her "assistant" to STEAL (grand theft!) his phone.


303 days ago
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