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George Zimmerman

Allegedly Framed

By Vengeful, Lying GF

11/21/2013 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

George Zimmerman was duped and done in by a lying GF who faked a pregnancy to keep him around and then framed him when she realized he was leaving her ... sources connected with Zimmerman tell TMZ.

George is now facing felony domestic violence charges after Samantha Scheibe claimed he threatened her with a gun and forced her out of their house.

Our Zimmerman sources say ... here's how it really went down:

Early this month, George made it clear to Samantha he was leaving her and leaving Florida. Samantha then dropped a bombshell-- that she was 6 weeks pregnant. George now believes she was lying about it in order to keep him in her grip.

George then offered to make a child custody and support deal ... but Samantha wanted him.

On Monday ... things came to a head when George was packing his bags to leave and our sources say Samantha concocted the whole gun scenario as revenge.

So we gotta ask ...


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think it was stated that the police had to push furniture away from door to get hes lying.....

315 days ago


The common denominator in all these situations is Zimmerman. Is everyone else lying except George??? If he's so broke, why is he driving such an expensive truck, and who needs the kinds of weapons he's carting around, also not cheap. His friend Taffe is a super enabler who should have let George sit in jail, and his defense of GZ on all the shows makes Taffe look the fool. GZ is an accident waiting to happen. On the other side of the pancake, what woman in her right mind would want to latch on to George!!

315 days ago


Well, one of them is telling the truth, but zeesh, who wants to lie to keep him!

315 days ago


I believe that she's an idiot for dating him in the first place, because, murder.

That said, having listened to her 911 call, in which upright citizen Georgie can be heard in the background, and then comparing it to HIS 911 call, I have to say, her story is more believable. I think his call (which he made AFTER we were able to hear him ejecting her out of her own house on her call) was a pathetic and transparent attempt at damage control.

He's going to end up in jail eventually because of his obvious inability to deal with his anger in a rational, non-violent way. He's already murdered someone and gotten away with it. I'm sure he feels invincible now. His time will come.

315 days ago


I think she cares only about the spot light he could and does bring to her. I mean look at him and look at her. SMH. Sound like they are both nuts. JMO

315 days ago


so Georgie is now claiming the chick lied about being pregnant, claims to be flat broke yet says he offered to support the child? Seems a bit odd to me.
Also, he claims the was "leaving her and Florida"....was that to dodge the divorce papers he got served?
And just how can he be so broke when just a few months ago TMZ ran a story about George buying a rifle at a Florida gun shop?
this is NOT his 1st domestic violence issue
Seems to me the common denominator here is George "the victim" Zimmerman. Surely isn't the good samaritan he was made out to be during the Trayvon trial

315 days ago


GZ was not charged with anything with that nonsense with his battleaxe of a wife, and he won't be charged with anything this time either. BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING TO BE CHARGED FOR. You bitter loser haters can just whine some more about GZ. You're as bad as his wife and loony girlfriend.

315 days ago


The only thing George Zimmerman is guilty of, is a crappy taste in women.

315 days ago

Gsharon 710    

`Lying is something he knows about. Please, when you leave Florida, go to New York, Cali, Atlanta, or Chicago. You cannot hide in smaller states. Be aware,many in those states pack heat like yourself, and some have not had to turn theirs over due to a court order. Happy hunting!

315 days ago


Reminds me of the movie "The Mechanic".

315 days ago


Wake the funk up people...The judge in the trayvon case had even issued a written order stating GZ "manipulated the court" and then increased his bail because he was a flight risk.

315 days ago


I'll comment on this after I get over the shock this fat, one eyed murdering bstd actually had a live girlfriend. At least he has some $$$ compliments of his welfare from blind azz supporters. Hey NRA, Georgie Boy needs another million!!!!

315 days ago


I still am trying to figure out why this chick would date him in the first place......I am not trying to sound/be naive BUT....something is fishy here......

315 days ago


A match made in hell.

315 days ago


What a convenient lie....... He always comes up with these lies and stories to back up his actions. Can't wait until he ends is miserable life. How about if he would have stuck with his dumb wife that stuck with him during his lies and murder, this altercation would not have occured.

315 days ago
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