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'Housewives' Star Porsha Stewart

Accused of Robbing Fans

And Pocketing Thousands

11/25/2013 12:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Porsha Stewart screwed over her fans and essentially stole several thousand dollars, by showing up hours late for a scheduled event ... so claims the event organizer who was left in tears.

Tanika Olivier tells TMZ ... she hired Stewart to make a 4-hour appearance in Ocoee, Fl. Thursday night.  She wasn't just an hour late... or 2 hours ... or 3 hours.  She showed up 20 minutes before they folded up tent.

According to Olivier ... Stewart had a bunch of lame excuses -- her flight was delayed ... the driver took her to the wrong hotel ... and they had to make a stop to change into fresh clothes.

Stewart was paid $2K up front -- so claims Olivier -- and she had the nerve to demand  the $2K balance.   Things got ugly and cops were called.

Police told the girls to settle it on their own and Olivier reluctantly cut Porsha a $2K check...  but she tells us she's decided to stop payment ... and she wants the initial 2K back STAT.



No Avatar


these are NOT stars. just bottom feeders.

335 days ago

I just wanted to comment    

Can we please can these stupid shows?

335 days ago


Someone hired a two-bit loser, and got surprised when the two-bit loser let her down? Serves her right. She as stupid enough to think that this nobody would enhance her business, she needs to be smart enough to realise that she make a mistake. If that's not possible, then she will have to learn the hard way: either pay the money to employ reliable people or take your chances and get burned. Like EVERYONE ELSE has to. Hope she gets NOTHING in the law suit, no other way people this stupid will ever learn how to conduct a good business.

335 days ago

Amber Olson     


335 days ago


Real housewife" but this lady doesn't work or have kids she shouldn't be on the show

335 days ago


Walmart hiring heifer

335 days ago


HOW is it even possible that this "nitwit" has fans?

335 days ago


So it turns out Atlanta housewives are thieves like Atlanta "rappers?"
Must be something in the water. Or is it just the way blacks in Atlanta "make their living?"

335 days ago

Oh for cryin' out loud    

Thief!!!! Give back that money you stole!!!! Then go expire somewhere,no one cares where...just go stink up someplace other than here.

335 days ago


Should have paid for the meet and greet with monopoly money. Fake money for fake bitches.

335 days ago


Two grand, that's it?? A) What a waste of money; B) I wouldn't heir any of those Atlanta people to clean up my dog's waste. Why would someone think this would be a good thing?

335 days ago


Ho' wants money fer nuthin'...hey swallow on camera next time

335 days ago


Diva behavior is the downfall of all these reality stars. They did not earn the right to be that disrespectful and irresponsible. They just think they did.

335 days ago


Thieves that are straight from dumb ass lane thinking they are stars. Stars are people that have a talent like acting or sports etc. Being a no talent ignorant person on a reality show is just showinf everybody how much you are a no talent ignorant person.

335 days ago


Porsha is a spoiled brat and not a housewife anymore. Hell she made her own mother moved out of her main bedroom, so Porsha could have more space in her mother's home. I think Porsha needs to wake up, because she is going nowhere fast. I'll I have been hearing from her this season so far is whining about her marriage and how it ended. Suck it up. It isn't like you are the only one to got pushed aside by a spouse. We should be seeing how strong Porsha rose above her divorce despite the details behind it, but we are not. She is acting like a child.

335 days ago
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