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'Housewives' Star Kenya Moore

Apollo's a Liar!

We're Not Sexting Buddies

11/25/2013 10:14 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Kenya Moore says she's no sext-messaging slut hooking up with Phaedra Parks' husband ... and thinks he spun the whole lie just for attention on the show..

Parks' husband Apollo Nida claims Kenya had sexted him while they were both in L.A. last year ... and proposed a face-to-face hook up too.  

Last night on 'RHOA' ... Nida said Kenya "wanted to f**k, ok, she wanted to have sex in L.A." ... although he denies anything ever happened.

Moore tells TMZ she and Nida did text each other -- but there was nothing sexual, and they never met up. She gave us screen shots of what she claims was their text convo last October.

Moore says Apollo's BS is great fodder for the show, but she's not down with lying ... and adds she wants "to put an end to these false and defaming speculations and judgments against me."

Apollo had no comment.



No Avatar


That show is awful.... Enough said

270 days ago


who would actually date one of these toxic STDS???

270 days ago


Kenya is a nut job. Apollo and Phaedra are con artists.

270 days ago


The way that Kenya was all over Apollo last season flirting with him I wouldnt doubt that they hooked up

270 days ago

kitten roulaine    

Phaedra, Apollo is a hustler and a user, he clearly has no respect for you or your marriage. Kenya is a bimbo who will NEVER get married not because she doesn't want to, but because she's a desperate, damaged, lonely, old nut job. If Apollo hasn't cheated Phae, he will, he let you know that in so many words, wake up smarty.

270 days ago


Phaedra got what she wanted; A good looking high yella' man to make a baby or two with. Someone who would have to depend on her. What lawyer marries one of the inmates? Apollo is not bad. He is who he is. Now that he has access to some coin, he is going to buck against Phaedra even more with either this kind of stupid crap or something else probably $$ related. Its a man thing and he has to show he is still one even though Phaedra tried to clip the nads and turn him into a Stepford Hotlanta Husband; Just look good and shut up and do what Momma Phaedra says. She got what she got.

270 days ago


Anyone on those "housewives" shows HAVE TO CREATE drama in Order to stay on the show and receive money and fame. They sell their sole basically .

How many marriages and families have been destroyed on these shows ? Too many

Phaedra is next on the list, Apollo is using her for fame and then will dump her like a hot potatoe as soon as he thinks its "all about him"

270 days ago


Phaedra is retarded... kenya is clearly very prostitute like and who would want do stick it in that????? No way.
Apolo is a hottie who sticks around for the ride $$$$.... why else would he marry a self absorbed idiot like Phaedra who seems to have less personality that a ****roach. Is he cheating? HELL YEAH , why wouldnt he?

270 days ago


this broke a--hole! instead of giving his wife reassurance that he loves her and would never cheat on her, he came off as a rude, insensitive, egotistical jerk. Phae should remind that she is the bread-winner in the marriage and that he can "let the door hit him where?...... ....And Phaedra, please invest in porcelain veneers! teeth look aweful.

270 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Apollo is full of do do. The texts kinda look like he's on a fishing expedition and is trying to see if he can get her to take the bait. He wanted see if she was willing to take their flirtation from last season to the next level without coming out and saying it.

270 days ago


This nasty broad is so full of shi$!! 1st of all why would he dig deep in the garbage can with her to cheat?!? There are a ton of other women I'm sure he would pick 1st if he was going to do somethig foul behind his wife's back. This trick Kendra def. isn't worth the time or effort!!

270 days ago


Who knows what really went down in LA. Coudl have been friendly and it could very well have been something else.

It takes seconds to delete any text you want and leave behind the innocent ones.

269 days ago



269 days ago


Those texts are fake because that is the new IOS on the IPHONE and it didn't come out until 2013 but those texts show 2012.

269 days ago


Oh Kenya, such a famewhore. You're the one who brought up the sexting during the reunion. It blew up in your face, delusional whore. Go back to your ghetto rent a room.

269 days ago
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