Katt Williams Kanye's Boycott Is Misdirected 'I Didn't Even Know We Were Mad'

12/2/2013 12:30 AM PST

Katt Williams says if Kanye West's going to throw his weight around ... he could do something a lot  more important than boycotting a pricey fashion designer.

We talked to Katt at LAX and asked him about Kanye's mission ... to boycott Louis Vuitton because he was snubbed by the company's leaders.

Katt told us, "I would hope that's not what we use all that black power for" ... and said he didn't realize people were all that mad at LV in the first place.

So, bottom line ... will Katt support Kanye's boycott of LV? Wait 'til you hear his answer. He even demonstrates with props.