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Kim Kardashian

I'm Being Scammed By Warhol

12/5/2013 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1203_monica_warhol_kim_kardashian_art_launch_v2The artist who says she’s Andy Warhol’s cousin and claims Kanye West hired her to paint Kim Kardashian ... may be trying to have her own 15 minutes of fame …  because Kim says she has no clue who the woman is.

Monica Warhol – a Tucson artist whose style is similar to Andy’s – tells TMZ Kanye’s people contacted her two weeks ago … and gave her a pic of Kim and asked her to create a screen painting of the photo.

Warhol says she’s already created 9 different Kim paintings  ... and says her pieces generally sell for $20K to $70K apiece.

But sources close to Kim tell TMZ …  she’s never heard of the woman … and thinks the whole thing may be a scam or a way for Warhol to get publicity – her 15 minutes of fame.

When we called Warhol back, she gave us an explanation for why she's being rebuffed by Kim & Kanye ... she thinks the painting may have been intended as a surprise gift ... and now that the surprise has been ruined ... K&K don't want it.

Warhol says if this deal falls through, she’ll put the artwork up for sale to anyone who wants to buy it.


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The only people being scammed are the idots that watch Kim the biggest TRAMP in the world and her THUG punk that knocked her up. The person that is getting screwed for life is their child. Being a W H O R E does not make you a somebody in this world. Hope 2014 will be the end of the Kardasian's and the Kayne forever.

322 days ago


I'll give her .25 cents for one and hang it across from my toilet to help my movement better. Hahahahaha.That face would make it move better.

322 days ago


I know the Warhola family and they never heard of a Monica. Obviously its a scam on the news media not to check her credentials.

322 days ago

arale norimaki    

“Being spoiled and šţǖṕỉḊ and ẘĤoriṤḦ is supposed to be a bad thing, remember? Parents, if you don't teach your children that people like kim kardashian are supposed to be despised, where are they gonna learn it? You have to be the- [feels something in his stomach] You have to be the ones to make sure your daughters aren't looking up to the wrong people”

322 days ago

my 2 cents    

Here's my take on it. With the legal case of Farrah Fawcett's Warhol painting in the news, the thought must have blew into Kanye's head to have the baby momma's done. Also, it looks like I Pad art.

322 days ago


STFU Kimmode. You have been scamming your fans for years. What goes around, comes around. Karma's a b*tch, ain't it. The painting is more than awful, it is atrocious.Couldn't happen to a better person. Stop being so vain, obnoxious, self centered, narcissistic, and greedy so you can reduce the amount of people that just can't stand you.

322 days ago


BTW, just loved Warhol's comment that Kimmode is famous for nothing. Bet that didn't set too well with her narcissistic, vain self. Kangay was probably frothing at the mouth that his baby momma received another diss, no matter how true it is.

322 days ago


Kim wants to be Liz Taylor, she wants to be Beyonce, she wants to be everybody but herself which is a no talent whore. Please lets stop the Kardashian crap.

322 days ago


The Warhol name is her claim to fame, NOT the KarTRASHian name!

322 days ago


who wants an ugly picture of an ugly women?

322 days ago


this painting captures the very essence of Kim. One Dimensional, Vacant eyes, a face that lacks emotion and no soul. This Warhol chick got it spot on.
K&K think they're being scammed so they run to Harvey and TMZ to cry! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Babies.

322 days ago


Oh go away you entitled piss whore - Andy wouldn't have a thing to do with you. And take that idiot punk thug rapper with you. We all know how useless he is.... Bitch!

322 days ago

D. H.     

who the hell are they to talk about people wanting their 15 minutes of fame! please! Thats the pot calling the kettle black!

322 days ago


Still no actual , current photos of Kim on TMZ. No clout TMZ?? Why is she hiding?Jenner has silly photos of herself, on all the other sites? What gives?? Afraid of the comments or what? Mostly negative comments on other sites,as well.

322 days ago


Where's baby NORF?

322 days ago
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