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Barron Hilton Puncher

Arrest Imminent

12/9/2013 7:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The man who socked out Paris Hilton's little bro WILL BE arrested for the attack ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

We broke the story ... Lindsay Lohan's friend Ray LeMoine has admitted he threw the punches that wrecked Barron Hilton's face during a mansion party in Miami last week -- though Ray claims Barron struck him first.

Still, law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... officials now believe they have "probable cause" to arrest Ray and will most likely make their move in the very near future.

Barron Hilton claims Lindsay orchestrated the attack because she thought he was talking smack about her at the party. LeMoine claims LL had nothing to do with the altercation.

Barron not only wants to press charges -- we're told he wants to sue both Lindsay and Ray.

Stay tuned ...


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He deserved to be punched in his whimpy gay face. Be a man and stop trying to blame it on a girl. Hilton flunky.

p.s. Paris has herpes, google her valtrex bottle

283 days ago


What a little bitch. Be a man little girl.

283 days ago


Guess that Cuba thing didn't work out too well for ya Ray huh? LMAO

This is the story that refuses to GO AWAY

283 days ago


That Ray guy looks like such a creep.

283 days ago


This is a simple assault/battery that will end with either no action because of conflicting witnesses - Or, the Sugar Ray gets a "pre-trial" diversion program - once completed, the charge is dropped. There might be a law suit by the Hilton clan but I doubt Ray has a pot to pizz in.

LiLo will not take a hit on this little catfight.

283 days ago


Now you have for 2 days of the week. Here is Rebecca Black performing Saturday. No not Friday. Saturday:

283 days ago

all about the money    

So this is how spoiled brats turn out? Hilton talked smack and now is crying murder because ause he got smacked? Then he tried to blame Lilo as well?
" OMG I am a Hilton, how dare you touch me when I talk smack and deserve to be punched. Mutual combat hell no I got my arse kicked so now I am going to sue you, and you, and you too."
Doubtful since he is sue happy, but you can only hope he learns a small lesson out of are accountable for what you say, and sometimes what you say will get you punched in the face be you rich or poor. What a wus, wasn't even jumped by multiple people, or even sucker punched...he just got his arse kicked and now wants to sue. Yet another case of the American way...I can talk crap to you but if you talk crap to me I will sue. If I talk crap to you and you touch me I will sue.

283 days ago


barron? you named your inbred child barron?? someone else punch this kid.

283 days ago


Boy, the Lowhans always leave a sh!t trail wherever they roost.

283 days ago

bonnie bell    

Even girls get into worse fist fights. And don't call the cops on eachother. Cry baby. Grow up and keep your mouth closed about all the friends Paris roast beef crotch has x out of her life. She can't keep a gal friend because she is hateful and immature just like her mother and crazy aunts. Grow a pair. Call it a loss you sissy lala!.

283 days ago


Even IF Baron "shoved" Ray first, that is NOT a justification for the beating he received.
Proving Loserhan's involvement could be difficult if Ray decides he's going to protect her, but at least Ray will be punished & LL will have to fin d a new bodyguard.

283 days ago


What a wuss! Why didn't he defend himself it's not like he was up against someone huge or multiple guys. All that money and can't buy some self defense classes? Hire a bodyguard? Suing someone won't save face. Quit being a girly **** talker.

283 days ago


Glad to hear that f u c k e r will be arrested. is that bitch LiLo

283 days ago

Ashley Miller    

It was 100% legal according to "Ray's" statement.

Under Fl law 776.032 the representative of the land owner ( or leasee ) may use physical force a violence to stop a tresspassing in progress, and throw the tresspassor off of the property......... So if he told Baron Hilton to leave and he refused to leave .... then he had every leagl right to beat him up and throw him off of the property. Actually FL law specifically says he cannot even sue anyone for it ......... go suck it Baron .... learn the law in Florida.

283 days ago


Boo hoo................

283 days ago
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