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Kanye West


... Just Like a Police Officer

12/9/2013 11:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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First Tom Cruise, now Kanye West is comparing his profession to BEING AT WAR ... saying just like soldiers and cops, HE PUTS HIS LIFE ON THE LINE when he goes to work.

Yeezus made the statements to Saturday Night Online this weekend, saying rapping is very dangerous work -- "This is like being a police officer or something ... or like war or something."

"You're literally going out to do your job every day knowing that something could happen to you."

But Kanye says it's not JUST the physical risks (he says he could slip on the stage) ... KW also risks getting his feelings hurt -- because people could watch a show and decide they don't like him.

Yeah, just like a cop or a soldier.  



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He's so dumb

318 days ago



318 days ago


So, how bout Kanye and Tom go go to Afganistan and my Grandson and Nephew won't have to go back! Are you kidding me! Also, trade your payday with these family men who are keeping your sorry asses free to be the a$$holes you are!

318 days ago


Kanye you and your wife are both pathetic. UGH cant this people just go away.??

318 days ago


We have. A blue light special on Isle 4....

318 days ago


I think his words are being misinterpreted, only because with the fierceness in the music industry, there is always someone jealous of your success, no believing in your talent, and not completely understanding your true message. There is violence in every part of society and a danger sometimes just crossing the street. I don't think he is comparing his profession to that of police officers, just the likelihood of impending danger. People make too much of things they don't understand, especially things people say. Rappers words may not hurt as much as a bullet, but they can incite someone else to pull the trigger and cause the real pain. Rap music is genuine if you've ever taken the time to listen to the words, and most often are not said to incite, but to educate. I guess it's all how you personally perceive it.

318 days ago


Can someone jst kill Kanye already plz!!!!

318 days ago


Really, Kanye? What the hell is wrong with you?

318 days ago


Was this guy born stupid or is it something that evolved?

318 days ago


Neither of these delusional freaks know of what their talking about when it comes to war, they are pampered and spoiled an think we hang onto every word as the word of God. They should sign up for a tour in Iraq or Afghanistan and see what our soldiers really face. Must we forget they both are products of celebrity and PR that make them who they are . They are s***.

318 days ago


This piece of junk doesn't know the first thing about being a police officer and the things they deal with. What an ignorant statement. Same for soldiers. My hubby is a cop. When is the last time Kanye had to rescue an abuses child from the depths of hell and live with nightmares from what he saw? When's the last time someone tried to take his life bc of the uniform he (doesn't) wears? Can he tell us about the time he had to take a life to save his and his fellow officers?? Does he face everyone else's fear all night long do that others won't have to for a joke of a paycheck? Does he have PTSD from the things he has seen? Has he missed almost every holiday with his family this year? I could go on but point made. I will never listen to him or purchase his music again. Slipping on stage does not equal being shot out, ran down maliciously by cars, stabbed, blown up, etc. his life is a freaking cake walk in comparison to the men and women who serve us as police officers and soldiers.

318 days ago


Mark Wahlberg... control this please.

318 days ago


Mark Walhberg...control this freak show please

318 days ago


I hate this guy

318 days ago


Kanye is a complete idiot. He has gone downhill since he hooked up with KK. An actor or rapper that compares what they do to military or police action is completely STUPID. Kanye: you should thank GOD everyday of your life that there in no longer a draft. You wouldn't make it out of basic training.

318 days ago
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