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Kanye West


... Just Like a Police Officer

12/9/2013 11:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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First Tom Cruise, now Kanye West is comparing his profession to BEING AT WAR ... saying just like soldiers and cops, HE PUTS HIS LIFE ON THE LINE when he goes to work.

Yeezus made the statements to Saturday Night Online this weekend, saying rapping is very dangerous work -- "This is like being a police officer or something ... or like war or something."

"You're literally going out to do your job every day knowing that something could happen to you."

But Kanye says it's not JUST the physical risks (he says he could slip on the stage) ... KW also risks getting his feelings hurt -- because people could watch a show and decide they don't like him.

Yeah, just like a cop or a soldier.  



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Ok Kanye, so being 5'4 and having body guards that are well over 6' surrounding you is as bad as being in Iraq or Afghanistan and being in the line of fire everyday. Instead of talking about how "amazing" you are why dont you put that big mouth and wallet to some good use and try helping someone else instead of you arrogant self! tool!

320 days ago


What an idiot.

320 days ago


So much fodder for Jimmy Kimmel.

leather jogging pants. hahaha

320 days ago


Only thing I have to say is that when you are live in front of a mic in a studio you are sometimes quickly searching for the right words and you don't quite get it right. My next live interview is Dec 13 at 9am by the way, so I am speaking from experience.

320 days ago


I normally don't comment on here but this has made my stomach turn. How this little man can actually compare himself and what he does to a Police Officer or a Soldier in a war zone is mind blowing. He is CLEARLY so out of touch with the real world. I can assure you that what you do Mr. West doesn't come close to what an Officer does daily or what a soldier is doing at War. My husband is a Police Officer, my daughter became an Officer 1 year ago, and my oldest child (my son) was killed 3 years ago in Afghanistan. You know, where we are still fighting a war! NOTHING you do in this country other than Police Work can come close to what a soldier is doing at War. My son once told me during his second deployment to WAR for 15 MONTHS in Afghanistan where he was killed that it was so bad he wasn't sure he would make it home that time. He said if someone told him he could be moved over to Iraq if he cut off all four of his limbs he would do it to get out of that place before hes killed. 4 months later we were told he had been killed. Do a favor to those who ACTUALLY are living through these dangerous jobs you want to align yourself with and put a lid on it. You are the most disrespectful idiot I have ever listened to in my life.

320 days ago


This guy is so MUCH the village idiot! LOL...I'd like to fight him, and beat him senseless. He is mentally ignorant and has the worst case of verbal POO coming out of his pathetic rapper yapper LOL........****ing fool!!! Make him and that stupid family go away...give the promo to artists who deserve the attention.

320 days ago


what a s***bag... someone please take him out of his misery.. I will pay for the bullet

320 days ago


I think Kanye should go to Afghastan and be on the front line. When he gets back, he needs to be a police officer. I'm surprised his ego can fit in a building! He is a narcissist and Kim needs to run!

320 days ago


Only if you're the biggest douchebag in America.

320 days ago

bring back recent posts    

....poor poor North....smh

320 days ago


he is the biggest pu$$y on the planet.

320 days ago


I like his music but he sucks balls. At least this makes me feel better about downloading his **** for free.

320 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

I like listened, you know, and like the only thing like I thought about the whole thing, you know, was that he's like delusional, you know. The last time I heard people talk like that was when my daughter was 14 and her little friends were at the house, like you know.

320 days ago


I hate this guy. Seriously, his music isn't even good. Why does he believe he's a genius?

320 days ago


Jay get your boi!

320 days ago
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