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Paul Walker

Family Believes Road Bumps Sealed His Fate

12/11/2013 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paul Walker
died after the speeding Porsche in which he was riding hydroplaned on reflective plastic markers in the street ... at least that's what his family and accident reconstruction experts believe.

Sources close to Paul's family tell TMZ ... the family has been in touch with stunt experts who have gone to the crash site and come back with what they believe is a solid theory -- a speeding car that hits the plastic markers -- called Botts' Dots -- will hydroplane, causing the driver to lose control.

We've learned the experts have told the family ... a car going speeds approaching 90 MPH will lose traction after hitting a series of Botts' Dots.  It's akin to driving on ice -- and  control is further compromised by the fact that the Porsche was outfitted with special racing tires that have very little tread.

And there's this ... Porsche sent out a memo to dealers back in 2004, warning about control problems with the Carrera GT, saying, "This vehicle cannot drive over a Foster Beer can that is lying on its side.  It will crush the can and damage the carbon fiber under panels," adding, "You need to be aware of what type of road surface you are on (dips, pot holes, seam heights, etc.)."

Law enforcement sources say they have not concluded the exact cause of the accident, but it appears they're looking at the Botts' Dots ... as a viable theory for triggering the fatal crash.



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Powerful cars are not for the average driver. Most of the fools I see on our roads can't control so much as a Civic over 25mph. The fellow driving was not well perpared to drive that car. He may be a great driver in a Lambourgini or a Ferrari, they are very powerful but much easier to handle than this Porshe. I can't go blaming the bots dots though. This was purely driver incompetance......he bit off more than he could chew and died and killed his buddy.....not to mention the pole and the poor tree! Seriously, it's a terrible tragedy for all involved....RIP to both men.

253 days ago


Nononono. It was not the speed bumps that caused the crash. The ROAD was only meant to handle cars going 45 mph. That's what those posted signs mean. They mean that engineers have decided that the maximum safe rate of speed on that road is 45mph. The road wasn't intended to handle NINETY MILES PER HOUR! What is WRONG with this family? Really? REALLY? You think it's the ROAD's fault? On that road, no one would be in control at 90mph. Control is an illusion. The Laws of Physics state that there's no way you're in control at that speed if someone walks out onto the road or a car suddenly gets in your way. The driver tried to defy the laws of physics and physics won. That's iti. Nothing more. He didn't have the right to be going 90mph and risking the lives of everyone around him, including himself and his passenger. It's very sad but it's not the road's fault or the car's fault. You don't go 90 on a road like that. period. Ever. To claim otherwise is to mislead other young men to think they can go that fast, perhaps in a different car, and be ok. Not so!

253 days ago


Well it seems as though they were doing their job, then. Well done speed bumps.

Give them Walker's star on the Hollywood walk...if he had one.

253 days ago


ah maybe if these nuts would be alive if not going 90 in a 45 ! forget speed bumbs,they mean nothing if your doing the proper speed ! no case here

253 days ago


PLEASE!!!!! STOP comparing Kim Kardashian to Elizabeth Taylor she will never compare to Liz and she will never have the class Liz had.

253 days ago

Chuck E    

I have a good friend that lives 2 miles from the site of the crash. He informed me that the posted speed limit is 45mph on that stretch of road. Now I have been around racing for quite a while as a high performance driving instructor. This in no way makes me an expert on crash investigation, however I have witnessed many high end super cars that have had impacts with walls, tire barriers, and other moving cars at high speeds on the race track. In my opinion speed was the deciding factor i n his, and his friends fate. They were driving way to fast on public roads and paid the ultimate price! Those markers are placed towards the center of the street to highlight where the lanes are. If they lost control of the car due to those markers it was only because they were crossing over the centre of the road so that they could "apex" the corner. It is sad that they had to parish in this incident but it nothing to do with anything but them grossly breaking the law!

253 days ago


You have to remember HE wasn't driving. He was meerly a passenger. How many times have some of us been in a car with a driver who won't listen to you about driving eraticaly or speeding. Paul was a victim of the driver too. R.I.P.

253 days ago

bill mc grath    

It was the loose nut behind the wheel that killed them!

253 days ago


He died because the idiot driver was going to fast. Do we have to keep getting an update each and everyday?

253 days ago

Oh well    

Too bad he didn't think about his kid when he let his buddy drive like that. Guess he thought it was cool.

Glad they didn't kill any innocent people along the way.

253 days ago


When will people learne to let this go...He's dead, people! Reconstructing the scene isn't bringing him back. Here's the moral of the story - speeding kills...

253 days ago

Troy T    

They died because they were driving recklessly in a industrial area they should have been on a track !!!! It's funny if it was Jo schmo people would be talking crap but since its this clown everyone is butt hurt !!! They got what was coming to them !!!! Keep it on the track fools !!!!!!!

253 days ago


If I die, and speed was a factor, know I was smiling, Paul Walker

253 days ago


Really? REALLY???? OK, we get it. He was a young actor who died too soon. But, honestly looking at road surfaces as some kind of reason for this horrific accident is plain stupid. The driver and passenger were both car enthusiast and knew very well the danger of owning and operating such a machine. No one is to blame but, the people in the car. It's a shame. It's a tragic event but, it was entirely preventable. There are no other causes for this. Sorry. RIP to both driver and passenger.

253 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Yes we must immediately removed these reviled "road bumps," and sue the city that installed them. Sure they may be useful safety devices for some, but our famous movie stars should be allowed to drive in any manner they see fit. What if this guy Walker was late for an audition??

253 days ago
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