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Jane Fonda

I Didn't Screw Charities Out of $$

12/13/2013 2:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jane Fonda is NOT a cheapskate whose charity is a charade ... she's actually an extremely generous woman who continues to open her personal vault to worthy causes ... say the people on her team.

Fonda is president and chairman of the Jane Fonda Foundation ... which has been called out by media outlets for not making charitable donations over a recent 5-year period.

Jane donated huge sums back in 2004 and 2005 ... so much that it was supposed to cover the next 5 years, and the amount exceeds the minimum donation required by law ... Jane's people say.

There was, however, a glitch.  In 2011 ... Jane dove back into her bank account to continue making donations.  But someone goofed and paid it out of Jane's personal account rather than the foundation's.  When the mistake came to light, the person who screwed up got the axe.

Foundation officials say that error has been corrected and they're all good now.

So how generous have they been this year? We're told the JFF and the Fonda Family Foundation have given out more than $500K to needy groups.


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Jane better WORK it OUT. Get it??????

253 days ago

Yes, I'm That Leah    

Ya'll. She is very nice. I had lunch with her. She paid AND gave me money to help me I when I was a new mom. Look. It was a mistake.

253 days ago

Shark jumper    

someone makes an honest mistake and Jane gave them the AXE? wow. Cruel Jane

253 days ago


So why is this a story?

253 days ago

Obamais still aracist    

Hanoi jane you are old ugly skanky and you are going to die soon (old age no threat implied)

253 days ago


I don't want to gt anyone's hopes up needlessly -- but do you realize it has been more than 24 hours since TMZ bombarded us with Paul Walker stories? (Finally)

253 days ago


Since when are her political recipients considered charity?

253 days ago


We all know the Kardashians would NEVER cheat on a charity....

253 days ago


It does not matter what Jane Fonda or her people say. The ultimate arbitrator is the IRS. If they rule that she did not contribute at least 5% each year, she is in trouble.

However the IRS has been caught targeting conservative groups while letting liberal groups skate by. So will they let Hanoi Jane skate or will they be extra hard on her to show that they are not a politically driven agenecy?

253 days ago

Duke Steele    

No doubt none of her contributions went to veterans groups. Although, they most likely would have told her to shove the money up her commie ass. SEMPER FI!

253 days ago


Sorry, Jane, but it is a bunk foundation.

253 days ago


Are you sure that isn't a picture of Melanie Griffith?

253 days ago


Hanoi Jane should move to Viet Nam where they have a much higher opinion of her than many US veterans like myself do. Good riddance, bitch!!!

253 days ago


Jane Fonda, while visting with the vietcong, our enemies at the time, during the height of the war made a stop to see some American pows, who were then being imprisoned. They realized this would be their only chance to give their names to someone, Fonda, who they believed would give the names to the US government, so they may stand some chance of rescue... secretly they slipped her a piece of paper with their information on it... before she left the pow camp, she simply handed that slip of paper to a vietcong commanding officer, never having intended to save the soldiers.. immediately after her departure, all the men on that slip of paper were executed... FK jane fonda, ugly traitor piece of sht..

253 days ago


Hanoi Jane should make donations to the Vets.

253 days ago
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