Jane Fonda I Didn't Screw Charities Out of $$

12/13/2013 2:01 PM PST

Jane Fonda -- I Didn't Screw Charities Out of Money


Jane Fonda is NOT a cheapskate whose charity is a charade ... she's actually an extremely generous woman who continues to open her personal vault to worthy causes ... say the people on her team.

Fonda is president and chairman of the Jane Fonda Foundation ... which has been called out by media outlets for not making charitable donations over a recent 5-year period.

Jane donated huge sums back in 2004 and 2005 ... so much that it was supposed to cover the next 5 years, and the amount exceeds the minimum donation required by law ... Jane's people say.

There was, however, a glitch.  In 2011 ... Jane dove back into her bank account to continue making donations.  But someone goofed and paid it out of Jane's personal account rather than the foundation's.  When the mistake came to light, the person who screwed up got the axe.

Foundation officials say that error has been corrected and they're all good now.

So how generous have they been this year? We're told the JFF and the Fonda Family Foundation have given out more than $500K to needy groups.