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Chris Brown

Judge REVOKES Probation

12/16/2013 2:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Chris Brown is in trouble ... again.  The judge in the Rihanna beating case has just REVOKED his probation because of the fresh assault charges filed in Washington D.C.

Brown was in court for a progress hearing.  The judge felt the criminal complaint in D.C. is enough proof that Chris did NOT obey all laws ... which he's required to do while on probation

The judge did not remand Chris into custody, because hizzoner was impressed by Chris' progress in his anger management rehab.  The judge will hold a hearing on the matter in February, and it's possible he could sentence Chris to time in the pokey.

The judge also ordered Chris NOT to use medical marijuana for the time being.

TMZ broke the story ... Brown was popped in Oct. for felony assault -- later reduced to a misdemeanor -- and the L.A. County Probation Dept. launched an investigation.

We just got hold of the progress report (above) -- filed with the court -- from Chris' anger management program.  According to the document, Brown participates in a weekly boot camp and successfully completed a 12-hour ropes course "to enhance team-building skills and trust."

The clinical team says Chris has been making progress and has new psychotropic drugs that seem to be working.  He's been taken off medical marijuana.  The team says his ability to "emotionally regulate himself" has markedly improved.



No Avatar


He gon be ironing somebody draws.

225 days ago


So he is reportedly in rehab. Who is bleaching his hair? Is there a salon set up for him? No use of medical marijuana, judge will revisit the violation of probation in February..........blah, blah, blah.

225 days ago


This woman beater should have been in an orange jump suit behind bars years ago. Ever notice how all the stars use the same sleazy lawyers every time they are in trouble. These lawyers are what we use to call Ambulance Chasers, these are the type of lawyers who give the legal profession a bad name.

225 days ago

Say What!?    

I am surprised there has not been any complaint made about the judge ordering him not to use medical marijuana. MEDICAL Marijuana! It's a medicine, it is prescribed to him. Would a judge tell any other patient not to take their medication? What medical education does this judge have to supersede what a doctor has determined needs to be prescribed to his patient. Marijuana needs to stop being viewed as a recreational drug when it is used as a medicine. Prescription drugs are abused all over the place but we don't stigmatize people who actually need them. This is no different.

225 days ago

BB not bb    

His program is smoking pot and playing on some ropes. That sounds like a ecreational time. Now they switched him to psychotropics. That is a bad idea since one of their side effects is violence. He could become even more unpredictable with the damage they cause.

Instead of all of this dancing in circles, maybe he should just go to jail like everyone else. He wanted to look like a thug, they usually do some time in jail though.

If they revoke his probabion but he doens't go to jail, what is even the point? It is more words on a piece of paper.

225 days ago


plaxico burress shot himself and got 2 years. People out here shooting, killing, raping, and beating others and just walking away.... smh

225 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

He's better off without probation and just taking the punishment. Probation is a set up for failure. You never get off it and you constantly violate. Not just celebrities, everyone

225 days ago

skeeton uface    

Wow. He's just being what he is. Not an iota of self control.

225 days ago


I don't see how the judge can say no medical marijuana. I personally can't stand Chris Brown, but if it is legal for a Dr to write a script. He really can't bust him on that. Would he rather him on xanax or prescription drugs. I personally would just do the time owed. It is better then having to listen to a judge's rules.

225 days ago


Chris Browns court orders are just like my court orders for child support - both pieces of paper get you face time with the judge....that's it.

225 days ago


So the judge will revoke his probation only to extend it further in February. And??? What else is new?

225 days ago


The woman beater is back with that gay color on his heard. Put him in jail already

225 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

He'll walk. The deal is half now and the other half before the court hearing in February. That way nobody gets suspicious.

225 days ago


What an outfit! Tweed jacket and glasses. Ha ha ha ha ha! Yeah he's not a woman beater he teaches English.

225 days ago


I doubt he makes 90 days without an stop jail...

225 days ago
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