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Suge Knight

Call Me a Ni**a

Not An African American

12/16/2013 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Suge Knight is offended when people call him African American, because he's NOT African.  On the other hand, he doesn't have a problem with the word, "Ni**a."

Suge says it's offensive to label all Black people African American.  And he goes further ... he thinks it's ridiculous that only rappers can use the word, "Ni**a."  He thinks if it can be used by some, it should be used by all.

At first his theory sounds a little shocking, but maybe he has a point.

So we gotta ask...


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And on another note? Why are we listening to a ****roach? I mean, michael jackson...dead, whitney houston...dead, richard pryor, bernie mac...all dead. Yet, Suge is still running around pretending to be somebody! I swear, if we have a nuclear holocaust, all that would be left would be justin bieber, lindsay lohan, suge knight, and rush limbaugh!

246 days ago


Remember this is coming from a man that was called "My Beoytch" a few months ago in prison...puzzy you can call him anything

246 days ago


Is it OK to refer to Harvey Levison as a KIKE. Damn Blood sucka,

246 days ago

Mrs Bey    

Is there any other race that you know of that allows the whole world to call the a racial slur ? Any? What was it our elders give their lives for? ohhh yes! equal rights! music is great without the word, example Eminem, that word is a curse! lil babies allover the internet saying it. Its Offensive it should be a crime!
BUT WHO IS TO BLAME!!!!! Its in Movies Music its everywhere! "what would other races do! If people were making music using a racial slur to their race!" Make that a pole about that, TMZ not " A.American or N#gg@ check here!"

246 days ago

That is the Prime example of why we shouldn't give a person with a "c" average a microphone . Harvey Levine has got to be the Dumbest man to ever do it. How can you query an entire race based of the comment of one person. Never mind if that person is stupid as Harvey Levine, or even high as a kite, or even who it offends but just hear one ignorant comment and Now it applies it to an entire races thoughts and belief and opinions. That make you not just ignorant but stupid. All my life I have aspired to be an individual However white people still insists on generalizing me using antics such as the dumb a** survey TMZ is now holding. But since we generalizing I guess that's dumb white people do........ by the way I wish a white or any other race of people outside of black call me a *****......I not mad at Suge Knight his is only human we all say dumb **** sometimes. I hold those act more accountable with that said #****TMZ

246 days ago


Harvey- now, I know you're old as HELL, but that also means you're old enough to know how easy it is to lose two teeth up behind calling a Black person the N word- whether with an "a" or an "er". Stop trying to be cute. You know that every race (and gays too) have names they call each other, but would try to kill someone outside their group who do the same. You show your stupudity when you use "the sage that is Suge Knight" to justify your argument.

246 days ago


Suge is being a butt whole and all the ppl that said they rather the n word than african American.

246 days ago


He is insane makes no sense.

246 days ago

anthony m green    

why the black race has to be ask what would prefer , the N word is bad .Funny how you ask a straight jackass a question like that ,if it was me i would have slap the reporter face for even asking me ...why dont you go ask the jewish community what they prefer and watch your show get shut down...

246 days ago


246 days ago


246 days ago


This is the worst article in the history of mankind and TMZ you are as ignorant as he is for posting this, AND for doing a poll....ARE YOU SERIOUS????!!!!! I will NEVER support TMZ again, you have lost all credibility and will spread the word of your ignorance. It is sad and tacky.

246 days ago


Suge Knight is in the same boat of irrelevant scrubs as Bonecrusher, Lil' Flip, and Freeway. Who cares about his desperate "See? I'm still alive guys!" nonsense?

246 days ago


This is horrible! You guys should be ashamed! Should gay people like Harvey be called negative names? Should Jewish people be called negative names? But it's Ok to ask this about black people. You guys are sick. I can't support a show like this! Why not ask the same about other ethnic groups or same set groups? Oh because it is Ok to say derogatory things about black people right? And to listen to an out of date low life like Shug Knight of ALL guys listen to him? YOU ALL ARE SICK!!!

245 days ago


It's also obvious that TMZ thinks ni**a is offensive because they boxed out parts of the word. They aren't stupid!"You guys are idiots! Any black folks on here are fools too.

245 days ago
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