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Suge Knight

Call Me a Ni**a

Not An African American

12/16/2013 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Suge Knight is offended when people call him African American, because he's NOT African.  On the other hand, he doesn't have a problem with the word, "Ni**a."

Suge says it's offensive to label all Black people African American.  And he goes further ... he thinks it's ridiculous that only rappers can use the word, "Ni**a."  He thinks if it can be used by some, it should be used by all.

At first his theory sounds a little shocking, but maybe he has a point.

So we gotta ask...


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Cue race card...

309 days ago


NEITHER! How about you are an AMERICAN! You were born here yet?

309 days ago


Paula Deens new best friend

309 days ago


You actually WANT to be called the same vile name that your great great grandparents were called when they were treated as animals. And you wonder why all other races continue to make progress, and blacks remain at the VERY BOTTOM of society -- shooting each other nightly, abandoning their children with impunity, unable to construct sentences without cursing, too stupid to even cover your asses in public. . What an utter disgrace to humanity.

309 days ago


This is so vary sad., No intelligence, no self respect.

309 days ago


TMZ what the hell is up with that poll. Call us black or call us American. The N word is offensive to anyone with a working brain and you can't be African American unless your family is from Africa.

309 days ago


I agree that the term African American is just ridiculous.. I saw one of these sites refer to a black British actor as African American and I just thought it was one of the most ridiculous thing ever.. He's not African and he's certainly not American, you don't own all black people! I don't like the word n*gga and it's certainly not right to call someone one if you don't know how they're going to react, what's wrong with just describing someone as black/white??

309 days ago


When I was a kid in the '50s blacks were called colored but then they said call us Negroes so we did for a few years until they said call us black so we did that for a few years and then they said call us African-Americans and now Knight says call them the N word. WTF?

309 days ago


Neither. My step-mother gets really ticked when people insist on calling her 'African American' since she is neither African nor American, but she is black which is the term she prefers.

309 days ago

fuck TMZ    

If you weren't born in Africa then you are not African. That is your history lesson for the day.
If you still insist on being called something you are not then we ALL are African-whatever because as far as we know it all life originated in Africa.

309 days ago


A lot of white people are born in Africa but if they move to the US and become American citizens are they African-Americans?

309 days ago


I'm a caucasian male. You know, a white dude. I have no problem if a black dude calls me a cracker. So if I call a black guy a *****, there's no racism behind it at all, do black guys have a problem with that? I'm just asking because I'm actually interested what you black guys think about this.

309 days ago


Im so happy my parents marched for civil rights just for these idiots can put blacks back down to a lower race. Makes no dang sense to me

309 days ago


I guess it just shows that no matter how politically correct we try to be, we will still offend somebody. We all bleed red...

309 days ago


I will say that it is pretty ****ing lame to call every black person "african" it's just not true, but I would NEVER call a black person N****** that is an awful word to use.

309 days ago
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