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Suge Knight

Call Me a Ni**a

Not An African American

12/16/2013 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Suge Knight is offended when people call him African American, because he's NOT African.  On the other hand, he doesn't have a problem with the word, "Ni**a."

Suge says it's offensive to label all Black people African American.  And he goes further ... he thinks it's ridiculous that only rappers can use the word, "Ni**a."  He thinks if it can be used by some, it should be used by all.

At first his theory sounds a little shocking, but maybe he has a point.

So we gotta ask...


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Perhaps times are getting kind of desperate at TMZ that they would have to stoop to something so low in order to get some publicity. Stop s**king on Suge Knight's ti**s!

207 days ago


Don't refer to black people as either. They are simply Americans. If you want to refer to someone by race, then Black Americans seems more appropriate.

207 days ago

Tony Chliek    

I was born in 1948 and grew up in the south. For years calling a black person the n-word, but the came when we found out how hurtful it was. IMO, it should stay that way. Freely using the variant N*gga is just as hurtful, at least to the older back people. So everyone should stop using it PERIOD!

207 days ago


Suge Knight Needs Prayer

207 days ago


Stay classy Suge. LOL I disagree with the person that said "Why can't they just be American?". When the cops ask you who mugged you, you need something. You can't just say, he was an American. I think black is probably the least offensive since the term white is not offensive. White people aren't really white either, more of a beige.

207 days ago


Harvey how cud u allow tht question to even be asked in ur site? Call blck ppl 'n###a or AA?? Thts a racist question. Goes to show why u got all them corny ass, uncle tom black ppl working for u. Bitch!

207 days ago

Farrakhan Ashy Larry    

For the people who voted on the N word, f@ck you. NOBODY should call someone that word. I don't care if they wear their pants to ground and pimp women. You know damn well the N word doesn't mean "an ignorant person of any color". That word was used to degrade slaves, bad white people don't get called the N word. So stop trying to change the definition.

207 days ago


He's an ignorant baffoon is what he is

207 days ago


since when is Suge's opinion on anything relevant?

207 days ago


I agree with whomever said just say American. There are a lot of whites from Africa. Charlize Theron, Sasha Pierstse and a bunch of others. Not all Black people came from Africa because we ALL CAME FROM AFRICA. I had a friend at work that got pissed because someone called him African American. He's Jamaican. Has nothing to do with being African and he wasn't American. The PC in this society has gone heywire.

207 days ago


I call people by their names. How about that? rme

207 days ago


What an idiot. Yeah, he's got a point alright; if he wears a hat maybe nobody will notice.

207 days ago


As a black female I do not want to be referred to a ni**a. Suge knight is ignorant

207 days ago


He totally has a point. If a person is born in this country, they are an American!!

207 days ago


I'm old, so I've been through quite a few terms for them. They were colored, then they were black, then they were African Americans, then they were black. It's black people themselves who keep changing what they want to be called. I personally don't give a rat's ass. I don't go around calling myself Italian American, I'm an American.

207 days ago
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