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'Zombie Vine' Kid

I'm One Step Closer to Terrorizing the World on 'Walking Dead'

12/17/2013 12:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The New Jersey high school kid who turned his disability into a hilarious "Zombie Prank" Vine account says he's one giant step closer to his dream -- starring on "The Walking Dead" -- but he's waiting on one important phone call.

17-year-old Nick Santonastasso -- who was born with only one arm and no legs -- Skyped in to "TMZ Live," telling us there's a petition gaining a LOT of momentum online, begging "Walking Dead" producers to get Nick on the show.

The petition has more than 1,500 signatures ... nonetheless Nick says he hasn't gotten a phone call from showrunners to make it all official. But he's optimistic.

For all his followers, however, Nick's still taking a lot of heat from people who say he's reducing his disability to an object of mockery ... check the clip to hear his thoughts. Pretty profound.


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Charlie Sheen's Watch    

This kid is freaking awesome! give him a medal!

Enjoy life man! Gratz! Wish you the best! Life! Love it! Keep it up!

278 days ago


To the people who say he is reducing his disability to an object of mockery, you are not thinking clearly. It is his reality, and he can do whatever he wants with it. It is no different than a blond girl using what she has got for personal gain and advancement. Why shouldn't he be an actor, and of course, he would have to act in a part that would be suitable. Those who yap that don't have a physical disability, are unaware of their mental disability. Those who yap about freedoms, do not want to extend those freedoms to the disabled. Those who yap need to shut their yap.

278 days ago



278 days ago


People get offended over everything nowadays.

278 days ago


Love IT!!!
Nice to see something POSITIVE `` for a change!!

278 days ago


A disability or a challenge? It's all in the mind set of the individual, because this young man doesn't appeared to be disabled in any fashion. Radically challenged, yes. Disabled, no. As a Walking Dead fan, I look forward to seeing Nick on an upcoming episode.

278 days ago


Mockery? If you have one arm and no legs, you can darn well treat your condition anyway you want. This guy is using humor...what could be wrong with that? I think it is a sensational way to cope. Think of the challenges the man has faced...and conquered? Fantastic!

278 days ago


Video? A little mean, but pretty funny. Reminds me of the Jackass movies.

278 days ago

Rude Boy    

The very fact that this guy IS having fun with his disability should be commended. If anyone deserves 'heat' over this, it should be his detractors. They are being condescending and insulting to him, as they are trying to dictate to this young man how he should deal with his own reality. I wonder how many if those people would like someone telling THEM how to think about their own lives.

278 days ago


He’s awesome! And everyone giving him crap probably has two legs and two arms so they should shut their ****ing mouths.

278 days ago


NICK,you are awesome, Im sure you are an inspiration, to so many people,including myself! I hope you get to be on that show,and this open's so many door's for you, and your acting career! Thank's for sharing your story with us!

278 days ago


Where's the link to the petition?

278 days ago


Please of sign the petition.

278 days ago

Racist Larry.....Crybaby....Spear Chucker..... ▬▬▬▬▬▬➢    

Here Is A True Walking Dead Fan.

278 days ago

Tammy LM    

What's he SUPPOSED to do? Sit around and act depressed and never have any fun or any kind of a life and let his diability run him, define him, and take over everything about him?
It's not like it's someone else making fun of him. He's playing around and making fun of his own disability. It's his decision. He doesn't have a problem with it and he lives with the disability yet other people do.
Hey, climb down off that cross people.

I swear, it's bad enough people are offended at what people do all the time , now they have to be offended for what people do to themselves!? get a life and stop being so damn PC.

277 days ago
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