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Charlie Sheen

My Advisors Didn't Quit ...

We Broke Up

12/18/2013 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Charlie Sheen tells TMZ ... the people who guided his career have parted company with him NOT because they were fed up -- it was "mutual."

Charlie's lawyer, Jake Bloom, his publicist, Larry Solters and his manager, Mark Burg all said sayonara to Sheen last week. 

Charlie tells TMZ ... there are explanations for all 3 departures.

-- Jake Bloom: Charlie says Jake was there to make movie deals for him, and since he's not doing any movies "his brilliant skill set wasn't required."

-- Larry Solters: Charlie says Larry is a music publicist who he hired at the start of "Anger Management."  Charlie says he needed a TV publicist so he made a switch and hired TV veteran Jeff Ballard.  Charlie does not explain why he hired Larry in the first place.

-- Mark Burg: Charlie says Mark asked to step down because he just had a kid and wanted to spend more time with his family. 

Charlie then kind of backhandedly says, "I couldn't be more pleased with the current state of my team.  Much like their fearless leader, they don't believe in excuses, fatigue or failure."


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Mumra the Ever Living    

The answer is obvious. All three stopped doing hard drugs - Charlie needs his crystal meth connections and they couldn't provide it any more.

316 days ago



316 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Hey Chuckie, there's only one person to blame for 13 straight weeks of under a million viewers for Anger Management, and that's YOU Chuckie.
Yeah, you're not even seen among the top 100 cable shows any more. The shows boring and You Look Like something that death brought with him in a suitcase.

316 days ago


Please no more about this delusional coke fiend...

316 days ago


Can Charlie handle this blow - probably -

He has the strength of ten men.

But here's the beauty of people pulling-out.

It can signal us that we've lost insight.

Are perhaps guilty of convoluted thinking.

Convoluted thinking/loss of insight = deadly combination.

Aren't due to weakness, cluelessness, etc.

I've had to recognize at least two break-downs.

i.e. Convoluted thinking/loss of insight.

To understand what these are - what causes them.

Insight returned in time - months down the road.

Because I've seen other people snap.

Know that THEY didn't recognize their own break-downs.

How strong is Charlie?

Can he go to people and say evaluate and give me an appropriate treatment plan.

Cuz break-downs can be the best thing that ever happened -

...and/or kill us.

I'd take this seriously.

Because these are major, major players.

Important people to Charlie.

If they walk, pull out and give any excuse whatsoever?

I'd take this to mean they're lying to me.

i.e. Have given up on me.

Make the toughest call possible, Charlie.

Turn yourself in to the pro's.

I'm only here because I did.

Did turn myself in.

- and it worked/works.

I denied I was bouncing off of the walls.

When I was bouncing off of the walls.

Didn't understand - didn't realize - no insight.

It's unbelievable to come to terms with a break-down.

My greatest achievement(s).

I said, yep, you're right, now what do I do.

316 days ago

Carol L    

Sounds like the 3 men got wise.

316 days ago


I asked a brilliant Christian PhD, a psychologist.

"What's a break-down."

When I feared I had one and needed urgent care.

He said "A break-down is stress that's either too initially great or that goes on too long."

He said you won't know if you had one - you'll be the last person like with adultery (loss of insight).

I said what are clues.

He said friends or people-around-you that say you're acting funny...

Memories took me to an often-insane set of parents.

"Acting funny."

Without any recognition of such.

So I said now what.

He said come into treatment and we'll get you better.

It's a miracle I signed in and on that quickly.

But I take no chances when it comes to the mind.

For I've seen it play tricks on too-many-people.

God Bless Charlie Sheen.

For the stress he's endured and been under.

These last twenty years.

Carrying shows, networks, crews, co-stars and management types.

Oh and ex's.

Waiting on checks for huge, huge sums of money.


A miracle he's still alive - God Bless the Dude.

316 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

It's rather sadistic of me but I hope Charlie goes completely manic again for a while. That was soooo much fun the last time.

316 days ago


Change is good.

316 days ago

Hell If I Know    

Charlie sounds like he off his meds. He's bi polar and he's on a major downswing. Somebody please lock this douche up before he kills somebody, kills himself or sets his dog on fire a la Amanda Bines.

316 days ago


Charlie should listen to himself. One quit too spend more time with his family......Charlie calls that an "excuse".
Charlie doesn't have any excuse.

316 days ago



Took a lot of nerve and courage to share that, thank you.

316 days ago


To Norba:


NOF respects Charlie, the others here are just hating on the guy due to all of Charlie's success.

316 days ago


Why do people care about this douche. He has more money and success than anyone should have and decides to give money to Lindsay Lohan meanwhile kids cant get cancer treatment because their parents cant pay, people are homeless and starving and these multi millionaire d bags live it up in mansions, luxury cars and yachts. These "celebs" give a little to charity and go home and live like kings. Sorry Clooney live in a normal house and then tell me to give my little money to Darfur. Anyone who has 20 + million dollars and tells middle class people to give to charity is a hypocritical piece of shhhhiiiiiitttttt.

316 days ago


Good ole Chuckles, circling the drain again. Keep it up, Chuckles...glub glub glub. One day, someone will flush.

316 days ago
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