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Katherine Jackson

Michael Jackson Documentary

Money Grab?

12/18/2013 11:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's mom SAYS she's doing a heartfelt documentary about her son's life ... but the reality is ... it seems to be a shameful money grab.

Katherine Jackson has announced she wants to do the documentary, but needs the fans to send her money to pay for the licensing of Michael's image and music.  Translation -- she's insinuating the big bad Michael Jackson Estate is being coldhearted and greedy by charging Michael's family.

Here's the reality ... Howard Weitzman, the lawyer for the Estate, tells TMZ NO ONE from the Jackson family has contacted him or anyone else from the Estate asking for permission to use MJ's image and music.  Weitzman wants to make it clear ... "The Estate would never ask Michael's fans to contribute their money to finance any speculative project."

Katherine is using a website to solicit donations and is offering MJ merchandise as bait.   FYI, the license for merchandising is held by Bravado, so Katherine can't do that without permission.

If Katherine makes the documentary, the people it will likely hurt are Michael's kids.  That's because THEY are the ultimate beneficiaries of the Estate, and if the Estate does an MJ documentary in the future (which is almost certain), it will probably be devalued by anything Katherine does.

And it still gets worse ... Katherine and company have enlisted the help of Blanket, Paris and Prince to solicit funds from fans.  It's pretty clear -- they don't understand the implications of helping her out.


It's a safe bet the Estate will not give Katherine permission.  Weitzman says, "The Estate will continue to release only the highest quality finished, professional projects showcasing the genius and humanity of Michael such as the 'This is It' film and the 2 very successful shows with Cirque du Soleil."

So the bottom line -- if the Estate doesn't give permission to use MJ's music and image, the documentary won't get made.  So what happens to the money the fans contribute?  Well Katherine is using a website to solicit donations that allows her to keep all funds even if the project isn't made.  So guess who ends up with the loot?

So we gotta ask ...


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At first glance, I thought Michael was Kim Kardishian!!!

279 days ago

Cool Papa    

Michael was what he was. We all know the truth. An amazing showman with indefensible issues. Let's just let him rest in peace.

279 days ago

Rhonda Haley    

that picture of them eating pancakes is straight up Jehovah Witness art B.S.
But hell if that's really how they remember him there all really messed in the head

279 days ago


Stop being greedy and remember him in your hearts is time for you to stop making money on behalf of your dead loved one

279 days ago


FREAKS! You no more own Michael's memory than the rest of the world does. Leave him be!

279 days ago


This woman is beyond shameful although I really think it's her greedy husband and children that are manipulating her into these stunts. That trial was a joke and so is this do***entry. MJ left her well taken care of. He just didn't leave her enough to support the leeches in the manner they were accustomed to. Once she passes away then they will go directly after his kids. They will claim they are mentally unstable and will be falling all over themselves to be their guardians just so they can get a hold of the money their mother will no longer be able to give them. They already have Pairs locked up somewhere and his youngest is probably being brain washed. I feel so sorry for these kids. I haven't heard anything about the oldest but hopefully he is smart enough to know that as soon as he turns 18 he needs to get away from all the leeches.

279 days ago


I used to think Poppa Joe was the worst of these parasites - but now Mom is looking like a lead contender. If they could, they'd have had MJ stuffed and mounted, and would be wheeling him around the carnie circuit. MJ was a freak - no disputing why...

279 days ago


For the longest time, it looked like just the brothers were money hungry takers. Now the Mother seems to have joined that club, because this looks like a scam if ever I've seem one. And it's all on the mother.

279 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

No shame, any of them.

279 days ago


sounds like jermaine need some christmas money

279 days ago


I think the real question should be WHY THE F**K ARE THEY STILL CALLING THIS KID BLANKET? Even his Grandma calls him Blanket! WTF! The kid has a name! Not just something that was put over his head while his Dad dangled him off a balcony!

279 days ago


I have to put it out there: she is not living within her financial means and clearly money hungry. She's too old for this.

279 days ago


what I'd like 2 know is Y isn't his family in charge of his estate?

279 days ago


The only thing I would pay to see from this family is a live DNA test on Maury. When it comes to Prince, Paris ad Blanket, Michael Jackson, YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER.

279 days ago

all about the money    

So Mamma Jackson couldn't fleece the courts into giving her billions, so now she's turning to her son's fans to fleece them of their hard earned money. Greed is a terrible sickness. Can only hope Mamma Jackson doesn't destroy Michaels legacy and screw his kids over.

279 days ago
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