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'Duck Dynasty' Fans


A&E's Denying Him Freedom of Speech

12/19/2013 9:29 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Thousands of "Duck Dynasty" fans are on a mission to end Phil Robertson's network suspension over his anti-gay comments -- 'cause they say A&E is denying him his human rights.

Over 35 THOUSAND people have signed a petition -- which fired up yesterday on -- demanding A&E end the suspension.

Even worse for the network ... it's being ROASTED on social media by DD fans -- hundreds of people are accusing A&E of not allowing Phil Robertson his basic right to freedom of speech.

One fan put the network on blast saying, "As a gay male, is what he said wrong and not educated about how gay people really are? Yes it was. Does he have the right to speak on what he thinks YES HE DOES!"

The fan adds, "Was I offended NO I WASN'T he is a smart man and could learn the truth about things he has no idea about. He's old school you can't hate on him for his beliefs DO NOT GET RID OF PHIL ON THIS SHOW! KEEP HIM!! I will no longer watch if he's gone!!!"

So, we gotta ask ...


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Love the show and I am I am a black neck....with you phil

273 days ago


I think people need to stop throwing around “freedom of speech” because it doesn’t mean you can say whatever you want without any consequences. If you say something that offends your employer and they fire you it is NOT a violation of your freedom of speech. He had the right to say what he wanted and they had a right to fire him for it.

273 days ago


Hey, he's free to say whatever he wants. But he also has to deal with the consequences of what he says.

273 days ago


So let me straight the can't have his freedom of speech cause it offended people. Yet when they label and do offensive things in public . The rest of have to accept it and say nothing but they the gays can label ignorant ,homophobic . That's ok cause there gay?? BS

273 days ago


It's NOT a denial of free speech. The 1st Amendment doe NOT protect you from reaction to what you say. Free speech is alive and well. Robertson said what he said, A&E reacted. That's the way freedom works.

273 days ago


Gotta love America, instead of worryibg about starving children, your tanking economy, sky high unemployment lets all worry about some ignorant rich hiolbilly getting fired from a f ucking stupid reality show, wake up

273 days ago


Cc your dead on brother

273 days ago


And by the way, how the hell can anyone say his freedom of speech was denied when he said what he said freely. A&E has something called a contract.

273 days ago


There was no denial of freedom of speech.
He was allowed to say what he said. The magazine was allowed to *print* what he said.

The amendment does not save you from reprocussions from said speech, it just allows you to say/print it without being censored.

273 days ago


Screw 'im. He's an embarrassment to the company and America.

273 days ago


Thy should have been aware that most Christians believe homosexuality is wrong. They should have expected and prepared for this to come up. Who are they to say his views are wrong? Or anyone for that matter.

273 days ago

sunshine steffonich    

Bring him back. America is Free and that includes Freedom of Speech. If a homosexual went on about how straight people are, I'm sure there would not be anything said about it this is rediculous!!

273 days ago

Irene r    

We all are one way or another believers of the bible. So why is it wrong for him to give his opinion on the gays he is from a older generations when the commandments were more taken seriously than they do today. Just because the world has accepted the gays as a normal part of life doesn't mean we accept it. The bible has taught us to respect one another not agree with every decision the world makes.

273 days ago


really....this is what people of the world are interested in? some moron in the woods of a person not being allowed to get rich on tv while the idiots who watch waste life away??? STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT THE PROBLEMS OF THE WORLD if you are going to put all your time and effort into some STUPID ASS **** LIKE THIS!!!!! A PETITION to end this idiots ban from tv?? HOW ABOUT SIGNING A PETITION TO STOP KIDS FROM BRINGING WEAPONS TO SCHOOLS....HOWS THAT??? BUNCHA ****ING IDIOTS!!!!!

273 days ago


I'm disgusted with A & E. The man spoke what he believes and he spoke about a lot of sin, not just about gays. A & E is concerned about money but they will lose on this topic, even my gay friends believe they are wrong. I believe that Phil is right and I believe that in the end A & E will answer for their greed and their pride in supporting and championing gay and lesbians. I have many gay friends that I love but I do believe that it is wrong and that I can still love these people but not agree with their lifestyle. Phil said we need to love each other and that goes both ways. That means I get to have my opinions and beliefs.

273 days ago
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