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'Duck Dynasty' Stars

Biggest Sponsor Pledges Support

Under Armour Won't Cut Ties

12/19/2013 1:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The guys from "Duck Dynasty" are NOT in danger of losing their biggest sponsor, Under Armour -- 'cause while the company tells TMZ its not down with Phil Roberston's homophobic comments, its not willing to kill the business relationship ... yet.

UA -- which sponsors the Duck Commander business, founded by Phil -- just issued a statement to TMZ ... saying, "We have no plans to change our current relationship.

The company adds, "We are obviously aware of the situation. And his comments are not indicative of Under Armour's views."

UA insists the company is committed to treating all people equally and with respect ... even if Phil isn't.


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jdizzla a    

Just because he believes homosexuality is a sin doesn't make him a homophobe. He's not mistreating anyone. It's his personal opinion. You don't have to agree with it. I don't really agree with it. It's just what he believes.

309 days ago


If they cut ties then they don't treat all equal

309 days ago


I am reading all of these stories about the Duck Dude. I am saddened and laughing at the same time. I am laughing because Mr. Robertson is telling the truth. I'm saddened because so many people don't want to hear the truth. They just want to hear what they want to hear, and that is their truth, but it is not THE TRUTH.

THE TRUTH can be hard to hear and even to accept, but we must try, we must turn our hearts away from the sinful desires of this world and do what is right for the next.

If God is in charge of heaven, does it not make sense that if we reject him in this world, he will reject us in the next? Yes God forgives, but that is while we are here, but we will ALL have to stand in judgment in the end, and it is there that there will be no forgiveness for the unrepentant.

So repent now, turn your hearts to God and his Son. Read His word. Pray for understanding of the word. Follow His word. You will be forgiven in the next.

Read The Bible and see the real truth, not the truth of politicians, billionaires, entertainers or even the churches that turn away from the Word and pervert it leading the faithful away, for them it will be worse in hell. Yes I said hell. It is real folks, no kidding.

True Christians are not hating, no, they are loving. Yep, what you call hate is actually LOVE. They care enough about trying to save you from an eternity in torment that they are willing to be ridiculed by satans minions and those who are damned. They Love you so much that many have died for you trying to save you from the pit. And one in particular who’s birthday we are celebrating in a few days: The Christ.

So they are trying to save you and at the same time slow the spread of evil because the Day of Judgment is coming soon. I hope you can comprehend how much you are loved. The pain and sacrifice true Christians suffer for the hope of your salvation is much more than is showed to us. As a good parent loves their child and tries to teach them, they love you and are trying to inform you

If you have ever seen a gay pride parade, let me tell you, you don't want your children to see that. If you want to see what sodom and gamoraha looked like, go to san francisco during the Folsom street fair. (look it up on the internet and you will be SHOCKED!) This is what the "glaad" and "glbt's" are endorsing and the values they are trying to push on the American people and the world.

God is getting very angry at us. Repent!!! PLEASE!!!!!

And for the true believers, never miss an opportunity to love. Even though you may be ridiculed, share THE TRUTH and The Architect of the world, for it’s his truth we share boldly.

I love you.

309 days ago


Can anyone take these clowns seriously? I mean why would any television outlet repeat such hatred. Now he's going to have to live with the hate he taught to who's knows how many people. I think it's going to be like george Zimmerman more than anything else. Loser. Shut your mouth if you cannot say something nice about someone else. I think Jesus said that... Straight people fear gay people. We have a better perspective, while they cling to their own vanity.

309 days ago


What he said about bestiality is ridiculous, though, because he's the one who makes a toy that lures animals to him! haha

309 days ago


Hes a lame ass and all u fake following mother ****ers can suck a dick hes clueless about any of the b,s he says just because u preach and go to church dont make u **** of a good or better person than anyone! God loves all and hates none dumb ****!

309 days ago


opinions are like ********s... we all have them, & we all know them ;) hakunamatadaaaa

309 days ago


Why are only the gays mad?

309 days ago


if a religious belief is not hate crime... Why do the gays and lesbian community get more rights than religious community? Not right... #teamphil

309 days ago


I had no idea what duck dynasty was so guess ill start watching now. If anyone wanted to know im black.

309 days ago


Hey sunnyjaz u dumb fk, this is tmz comments, I dont need to correct any spelling or grammar, in the social media age its about the message u condescending piece of sht.

309 days ago


It is not homophobic to dislike the concept of homosexuality. First of all, that literally means "Afraid of the same", and is poor Greek, but secondly is not descriptive of Phil's stated views.

Can't people allow you to live, and you allow them to live? Or do we all have to cheer you on as well?

309 days ago


I am done buying UA for my kids.

309 days ago


Homophobic? That is such an overused term. The definition is: "Fear of or contempt for lesbians and gay men.? Nothing in his statement sounded like fear or contempt. He has a belief based upon his religion, why is that wrong? He hasn't hurt anyone. He has a right to his faith. This story is absurd So is A&E for suspending him. This country is insane. I'm sorry, I agree with him that a vagina is better than an a$$hole. Call me crazy but having sex where $hit comes out of the body is disgusting. That's my opinion. If you don't like it, that's your problem, not mine. If you want to take it up the a$$, that's your business, not mine. I don't have to agree with it. What a world we live in!

309 days ago


What happened to freedom of speech and having your own opinion? Phil just said what he believed, nothing wrong with that! Keep him on the show and leave him be.

309 days ago
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