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Charlie Sheen

to Denise Richards:

You're a Heartless, Ugly Hag

12/23/2013 7:37 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Denise just responded to the story via Twitter ...

Charlie Sheen
has declared nuclear war on his ex-wife Denise Richards ... blasting her as a "heartless" and "ugly" hag who's holding their children hostage.

Sheen just blasted Richards ... again ... this time, he's furious that Denise won't let their children visit him to exchange Christmas gifts.

Charlie expressed his anger in a series of texts ... saying, "lemme see if I got this straight; you won't even spring the girls for 30 mins, from the 10 mil house I gave you, (100 yds away) to come down and open the gifts their dad bought them before they leave??"

"I hope your stocking is  bronze-age coal stuffed along with an assortment of 8x10's of yours so you can see how despicable and heartlessly ugly you and your fermented soul continue to be."

He added, "hash tag. hag shag."

Charlie also says despite the fact Denise won't let him see the kids, she had the "audacity" to ask him to borrow his private jet to go on the big family trip that she banned him from.

Charlie says he went to Denise's home to plead with her to change her mind and to deliver gifts to the kids, but was not allowed to see them.

Charlie concludes, "This is the worst Xmas I've ever had."



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the only person that want to be around this addict are hookers, but they are paid for their time.

307 days ago

john flynn    

Charlie Sheen has a screw up head. Denise takes care of his other children Charlie through money at things but try being a freaking parent you disgust me Charlie Sheen what a weasel...

307 days ago


Dear Mr. Sheen:
Perhaps if you spent more of your life trying to gain the trust and respect of your children you would not be in this situation with another adult controlling the lives of your kids. Good parents get joint custody. Bad parents get drug addictions, supervised visitation, herpes from "angels" and maybe even alittle of what they deserve....not being allowed around the kids they donated sperm for because YOU are nuts. Stop acting like a child, settle your disagreements like a man not a 12 year old girl shouting it to the world on social media.
Why don't you do your kids a favor and go look for Bigfoot for Christmas and let them have some peace.
hash tag washed up drug addict who will die alone
Stop mentally abusing the women in your life Charlie, you look like the bigger douchebag, even if they are.

307 days ago


Hey Charlie....that hag saved your kids on mulitple occassions...that the thanks she gets huh.....#RealGemOfAFather #GetALifeUngratefulDad

307 days ago


He is one mentally ill POS.

307 days ago

Hanif Moollah    

That Charlie Sheen. I have to learn from him to address my ex-bichtch wife...Charlie, you're every divorced man's hero...My ex only took $ 450K from me...but I must admit she let me see my kids almost whenever I had a holiday...except for Christmas or Thanksgiving...but I was able to exchange gifts....I gave a car to each of my kids one Christmas and blew the ex-bictch's gifts away, in comparison....My kids still love her more than me.....the fccukin effin hand that rocks the cradle rules the world....!

307 days ago


Charlie I think you have lost your fan base! Maybe it is a good time to try a different approach!

307 days ago


Don't blame her. Wouldn't want porn stars near my kids.

307 days ago


Charlie is "winning" again. He off the wagon and wanting to hurt people because he is a lost soul. Only his kids get hurt by his mental and substance issues. CHARLIE CLEAN UP YOUR ACT ALREADY, YOU ARE A GROWN A$$ MAN!

307 days ago

Trudy Sanders    

He also has the new hooker in his house. Doesn't want the girls exposed to that, can't blame her. She even told the State not to put the boys in foster care, she would take them again. Charlie give it up, shame on you.

307 days ago


Charlie needs to STFU & grow up!!! How dare he say one rotten thing about Denise Richards after everything she's done for him! **** you Charlie, you're nothing more than a narcissistic , selfish ******* & you & ex-wife #2 deserve each other! Clearly neither of you give a **** if you **** all of your kids up for life!!

307 days ago


Is this not the woman that took care of his twins when she didnt have to?? he seems a bit unstable! she has been nothing but graceful when it comes to him and their children.

307 days ago


You go on a public harangue against a man who merely expressed his religious faith, and God punishes you by not allowing you to spend time with your children. I don't blame Denise for one second. Why should she want her daughters spending time with a Whore-monger? What will they learn from the porn trash who populate his home? StandWithPhil Facebook Page - 1,567,931 supporters and growing. BoycottyA&E Facebook Pg.-1,783,429 supporters and growing.

307 days ago


The sad thing is that the daughter she adopted is supposedly one of his as well. Sadly I wouldn't doubt it. Of course she doesn't want them anywhere NEAR his flavor of the week!!! Who could blame her!!! He needs to grow the f up and leave her alone. God knows she has done nothing but take amazing care of his children.

307 days ago


if its the worst Christmas you've ever had maybe you should chose your children over your 'angels'.. perhaps Denise doesn't want to expose your children the the harem you are cultivating 100yds away at your house. p.s. grown men playing victim for the lives they created around them is utterly pathetic...

307 days ago
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