Lisa Vanderpump Rich People Problems ... MY SWAN HAS GONE MISSING!!

12/24/2013 10:31 AM PST
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ATTENTION RESIDENTS OF BEVERLY HILLS -- THERE IS A SWAN RUNNING LOOSE IN YOUR COMMUNITY ... and Lisa Vanderpump really, reallllly wants it back!!!

The "Real Housewives" star just took to Twitter to put out an APB on a baby bird that  just went missing from her Bev Hills mansion.

"I know it's what some people may call 'a high class problem' however,1 of my baby swans took off yesterday."

"If anyone in Bh sees errant swan Please bring him back! He is only a few months old didn't think he could fly yet Bring him back ..!!"

She included a picture of her swans -- though it's unclear which one is MIA ... since they're frickin' swans and they look exactly the same.

It's not the first time Lisa's had to deal with a missing luxury item -- back in 2010, her Bentley was stolen from her driveway ... but Lisa was more concerned about the contents in the back.

"They can have the frickin' car, but can I have my dry cleaning in the trunk, please?"

The car was eventually recovered at the bottom of a cliff ... right near a car that had been stolen from Charlie Sheen's home.

As for the swan, maybe he's just a-swimming ... it is Christmas Eve after all.